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Finding Home

Yes, I am still here and ready to share a quick update. Where I have been all this time? Well, just too busy living life to document any of it. I know, some blogger I am! ūüôā That is just how life goes. I want to make sure I don’t miss a minute of this beautiful life either. I can always catch you all up later. ;).

Today is just a quick check-in. Since we sold our house we have been looking for our next home. As I said, I want more land and Mr. Whitelane just wants to travel the U.S.A in an R.V…..maybe we do both? ūüôā Who knows? We haven’t found the right place or land but that doesn’t stop me from looking all the time! I have found a few that would have worked but they always seem to be under contract already. I guess those were just not meant to be after all. I know when the right thing comes along, it will all work out in God’s timing.

In the meantime, I’ll just be enjoying life and living it to the fullest with my sweet family! I will try to remember to check in more often with updates but I can’t make any promises. ūüėČ

Outdoor Furniture Finds

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Ok, last year at springtime we didn’t have our yard put in yet. Yet, every single store puts out all the outdoor things when spring is barely starting. You know what I am talking about. There is still snow on the ground but all the planters, patio furniture, umbrellas, grills, and plants are on display. By the time summer is actually here, all the outdoor furniture and decor is picked over or gone. So, let me you tell ya, don’t wait. Unless you want to wait until next year. Otherwise, all the good stuff is gone or sold out.

The bonus about our new house is that the yard is already finished! YAY! That is one project¬†we don’t have to do. I mean, there are few modifications and things we have to adjust. Overall, it is finished and good enough to use. When it comes to patio furniture I am cheap. It’s going to be outside anyways so I don’t like to spend a lot of money. I am going to share some of my latest patio furniture finds. But first, a confession. I shop at Wal-Mart. There I said it and I am not afraid to let everyone know. Wal- Mart is the bomb. Especially Why pay more when you can pay less? ūüôā They have stepped up their game and have a lot of cute things. You may be surprised when you start looking.

This 7-piece woven outdoor sectional is a great deal. Look at the legs on this beauty! I love that you can arrange and take the pieces apart to fit any way you want. It comes with side tables that can fit together to be one coffee table too. A great functional piece at an affordable price point.


I don’t know why but I love hammocks. Ever since I was a kid, I have loved the idea of hammocks in the backyard. It’s fun for¬†kids but let’s be honest, the adults love them too. This Mainstays¬†Hammock is great for kids because the springs are covered. No pinching fingers or toes. It comes in four different colors and I need this in my life (or backyard). ūüôā

You have probably seen these swing chairs all over the place. They are so fun and cute. I always worry that these will tip over but this one has great reviews. This is perfect to use when you don’t have a lost space for furniture. Also, you don’t have to have somewhere to hang a swing. It’s free standing and space saving.


Eating outside on a perfect summer night is the best. As long as the bugs cooperate or you have a good candle to ward them off. This outdoor dining set looks like a great place to have those dinners on the patio. Any outdoor dining set under $400 is a deal in my book. If you are looking for something with padding and a little more comfort try this wicker set with cushions.



Learn from my mistake. Don’t wait until the middle of summer to find your outdoor furniture. All the good stuff comes out in early spring and it goes fast. Get it planned now so you can enjoy that summer!


Front Porch Rocking Chairs

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

Everybody is getting out all their fall decor and I am over here just getting my outdoor spaces ready. I feel so behind the game this year. Our yard was put in the beginning of July and it has been amazing to have grass. The dirt was such a mess and made our whole house dirty. Now that the yard is in I feel like I can finally enjoy being outside. So, I am just now getting around to making our porch cute for what is left of summer.

The best part of trying to find outdoor decor at the end of summer is CLEARANCE sales. That is exactly how I found this black rocking chair for only $50 at Home Depot. I was casually¬†checking out what they had on sale in the garden department when I came across this hidden gem. It was stacked under a bunch of other random boxes of stuff. The words on the box “black rocker” immediately¬†caught my eye. I quickly called Mr. Whitelane over to do the heavy lifting and got this¬†big black rocking chair in my cart a.s.a.p.

When we got to the register I had the cashier check to see if there were any more at another store. Sadly, they were sold out everywhere. It makes sense because¬†these rocking chairs usually sell for at least $90 or more. I took the one chair home and came up with a plan B. I wanted two black rocking chairs to sit on my front porch. Preferably matching. However, when you can’t find another chair anywhere in your state, you use spray paint.

I know what you’re thinking, spray paint? That’s right, I decided to spray paint a white rocking chair I already had. It is not the same chair but it is wood, it’s free, and that is good enough for me. Once it got a good coat of primer and black spray paint, you don’t really notice that they are not the exact same chair.


I used my usual method for spray painting that you can find on my video tutorial here. The only thing I added was an additional coat of an outdoor sealer since the chair will be outside. I also used Rustoleum Lacquer in high gloss so that the finish would match the other chair I got on clearance. I typically only use Krylon spray paint but this was an exception. The chair was a little weathered from being outside in previous years and this makeover gave it some new life. I am loving how the black pops against our white house.

I am happy to have one space put together outside. Now I just need to get my deck and backyard put together. I plan to enjoy a lot of fall nights out here before the snow comes.

Patio Reveal With Overstock

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There is a magical time of year when all the seasons align. It’s not too hot or cold and a nice breeze is usually floating around. The trees start turning a beautiful¬†color. All the pesky bugs and flies seem to disappear¬†for a brief time. You can actually enjoy being outside and sitting around taking in the outdoors. This magical time is called fall. In some parts, it might be the end of summer. Either way, it is such a perfect time to be outdoors. I could not be happier to bring you my outdoor patio reveal with the help of

There is an excitement of the upcoming holidays this time of year. It creates such a nostalgia and cozy feeling that has inspired my whole patio reveal. The kids going back to school and the stores displaying fall decor are all part of this happy time. The summer has been so hot that we have not had much time to enjoy our deck or patio at our new house. We also just had our landscape finished the beginning of July. Needless to say, I have eagerly awaited getting my hands on this outdoor space. As soon as I started looking for an outdoor furniture set, I knew Overstock would be the perfect place to bring this space together.

I immediately fell in love with this Langdon Outdoor 4-piece Acacia Wood set. The warm wood tones with the soft white cushions grabbed my attention. I could instantly picture the set on my patio with black and white accents. And just like that, my creative juices got flowing to create a whole fall outdoor set up for our home. I know what your thinking. White cushions outside? No need to worry because these awesome covers zip right off and can be washed. Then, I came across this¬†Safavieh¬†Courtyard Stripe Black and Bone outdoor rug on Overstock. Are you kidding me? This beauty is just perfect for our patio and tied everything together. The rug and furniture compliment each other nicely. ¬†My little ones have already spilled on this rug and it has cleaned right up. I think this will be a great durable piece for outside (especially with kids). On top of all that, I was so happy with how well everything was packaged when it arrived.I didn’t¬†expect anything less from Overstock.


I chose to stay neutral for the outdoor area. I am sure that comes as no surprise. I think the black and white buffalo check accents give a cozy and modern farmhouse vibe for fall. It would not be a fall outdoor space at White Lane Decor without white pumpkins either. I just had to set up this cute hot chocolate¬†tray for our kids to enjoy. Who am I fooling? I wanted it just as bad as they did. ūüôā I also threw this cute Halloween sign up to get even more use of this space throughout the holidays. We have already enjoyed some fun cozy nights sipping hot chocolate¬†out here. My kids think it feels like an outdoor Christmas with their hot chocolate and the outdoor lights.


I am so happy with how this space turned out. Mr. Whitelane and I were glad we created a usable space under our deck with our landscape design. We can now enjoy two outdoor spaces. Our family is loving this sitting area and this beautiful time of year. A huge thank you to for helping us make this space our favorite new cozy spot to be together.