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Finding Home

Yes, I am still here and ready to share a quick update. Where I have been all this time? Well, just too busy living life to document any of it. I know, some blogger I am! 🙂 That is just how life goes. I want to make sure I don’t miss a minute of this beautiful life either. I can always catch you all up later. ;).

Today is just a quick check-in. Since we sold our house we have been looking for our next home. As I said, I want more land and Mr. Whitelane just wants to travel the U.S.A in an R.V…..maybe we do both? 🙂 Who knows? We haven’t found the right place or land but that doesn’t stop me from looking all the time! I have found a few that would have worked but they always seem to be under contract already. I guess those were just not meant to be after all. I know when the right thing comes along, it will all work out in God’s timing.

In the meantime, I’ll just be enjoying life and living it to the fullest with my sweet family! I will try to remember to check in more often with updates but I can’t make any promises. 😉

Fall Porch 2018

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

I would like to think that fall is my favorite season. I sometimes say that about spring but let’s be real here. Spring is so likable because anything is better than freezing snow winter. Fall is like a nostalgic time for me where the excitement of the holidays and crisp air makes me giddy. Really though the weather in Utah is just perfect in fall. Not too hot or cold. A time to just soak in the last of the outside days before winter is in full swing.

I have this obsession with white pumpkins. DUH! I mean I love all the orange, brown, green, and yellow traditional fall colors too. We all know my heart can’t resist the simplicity and clean look of white. That is no different when it comes to my pumpkins apparently. 🙂 I literally can hardly stand to make it until the first store, nursery, or anywhere gets their first batch of white pumpkins.

Having a bunch of pumpkins just flooding my stairs in all the sizes in one of my favorite fall traditions. Let me give you a little tip and my secret to bright white pumpkins. Spray paint them! SAY WHAT!? Why would I spray paint white pumpkins WHITE? If you have ever had real white pumpkins then you know that they are more of an off-white/ yellow color. Which is just beautiful…….for all of a week or so. Then they start to progressively get more yellow and discolored. Especially if they are in the direct sunlight. So, tape those stems off and grab a can of white spray paint. I like to use this painters tape and Krylon Satin White spray paint. Give them a nice even coat of white and those pumpkins won’t go yellow on you. I also think this helps my pumpkins last longer by sealing them. Why don’t I just spray paint orange pumpkins? Well, that would take a lot more time and paint. The orange would be a lot harder to cover. The white pumpkins just take a simple light coat of spray paint. However, if you want to preserve your orange pumpkins just give them a coat of satin polyurethane. If you really want to make sure your pumpkins last, you can wash them down in bleach water. Give the pumpkins a good soak in bleach water BEFORE spray painting them to get that extra longevity. I get too impatient/ lazy for all that. I usually just spray paint mine and they last about two months without rotting (Halloween &Thanksgiving).

I also actually used some faux pumpkins in the lanterns this year. I usually use real ones but I had some extra faux pumpkins in white from my inside decor. They blend in pretty well with the real pumpkins so I decided it was a win. I also got my first plant (other than the succulent I am barely keeping alive). 🙂 This white mum will hopefully last a few weeks. Bless its poor little heart. I have the blackest thumb but I am determined to keep this thing alive. I even spray painted this watering can gold to keep close for watering. So far, I am doing mediocre, at best. I forgot a few days and it looked sad. It hasn’t even bloomed yet. We will see how this goes.

Finally, I added a cute black and white rug to layer with my doormat. I am really loving this layered rug trend. It adds some fun character and dimension. All the cozy vibes for fall right here. I actually left up my magnolia wreath for now but will probably swap it for my Halloween wreath soon. We have a lot of exterior updates left to accomplish but for now, this little view makes me happy.


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Joyful Fall Home Tour 2018

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

I am so excited to share my fall home tour. I have collaborated with a great group of ladies. They are all opening up their homes to show you some wonderful inspiration for fall. Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of this page for the full line up of fall perfection!

The past year has been a whirlwind, to say the least. We sold the home we built, bought another home, started renovations, and moved three times. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about everything we have experienced. It has been such an amazing growing time for our family. We love our new home and all the projects we have been able to accomplish since moving in. We still have a ton of projects left to get our hands on. The basement is just about done and we are happy to have that space complete. I will have a tour of the basement coming soon!


With all the construction on the house, I haven’t been exactly excited to decorate. I feel like I have been starting to just get regular decor situated. I forced myself to start getting out the boxes of fall from the garage. As soon I opened up the boxes the creativity started flowing.


I wanted to keep it simple and clean. I think it is important to not feel like every corner of every room has to be decorated. I decided to sprinkle some of my green fabric pumpkins from last year throughout the living room and mudroom. I got them from the Target Dollar Spot and I am still loving them. I decided to take a spin on your typical fall colors. I love the orange, yellow, and brown tones of the traditional fall decor. However, I just didn’t feel like that was right for this home.


I decided to have a pink fall. I love the soft touches of pink with neutrals. Why not have that for fall too? The best part is that a lot of stores had their summer pink florals and decor on clearance. I am starting to see more and more pink creep into our home and don’t hate it. 🙂 Mr. Whitelane hasn’t complained yet either. So, as long as I keep it simple I think we are good.

I am definitely in the mood for fall now. If you are feeling “blah” about getting your home decorated for the holidays; just start simple. I dare you to get out some pumpkins and not feel like you need apple cider by the fire.  🙂 You can find affiliate links below to shop most of the items you have seen in my home tour. Be sure to go visit all the beautiful fall tours listed below as well!

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Decor For Fall

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