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Overdue Update

Wow! It has been a while. This update is long overdue and I am excited to share what we have been up to. Where do I start? Well, first of all, we sold our house. I know, I know. Crazy! It was really a random idea we had on a whim. We just thought it would be fun to through our house up for sale by owner to see what happened (not really serious about moving anytime soon). Before we knew it, we were under contract and no idea where we were going. 🙂

We didn’t want to rush into buying another house if we didn’t love it. Since our house sold so fast, we decided to stay with family until we find the right house (thank goodness they graciously let us move into their newly finished basement). I feel bad breaking it in but it is actually really nice! It makes searching for our next home a lot easier.

There are also a lot of spaces I never showed in the house we sold. I will be sharing a lot more of those in the coming weeks starting with our master shower. We did an easy cosmetic update by continuing the tile to the ceiling that was already there. We also changed the fixtures and put in a Euro glass enclosure.

I don’t know when or where our next house will be. I want more land and a bigger property this time around. Mr. Whitelane wants to travel around the U.S.A. in an RV. I guess we will settle somewhere in between. 🙂

In the meantime, I will keep you updated along the way. I am having fun styling our new temporary home and will show more of that soon.

Master Bathroom Update with Pfister

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Spectrum Brands, Pfister. Read my full disclosure here.

This project has been such a great experience for me. I learned a lot along the way. I am excited to share how we updated our master bathroom on a budget. Don’t get me wrong I could have torn this whole thing down and started over. Instead, we saved a lot of time and money and worked around what we had. If there is anything I have learned from this bathroom update, it’s that we shouldn’t try to impose what we want things to be. Just embrace what they already are.

So, after much deliberation, we embraced this gray floor tile. Once, I started pairing decor that complimented the tile, it looked a lot better. A great rug also helps! Since we opted to not change the tile, we changed everything else. 🙂 Updating the builder basic fixtures made a huge difference. The Halifax faucets from Pfister are so modern and sleek. They come in three finishes that don’t disappoint. I chose the chrome finish to really make this white counter pop! The install was so simple too. The included pop-up drain made this quick update only take minutes. I am amazed at how such a simple change can make a space look so much more put together and updated.

The bathroom “before” when we bought the house.

I also had the cabinets refinished and put on new matte black hardware. Yes, you can totally mix metals in a room! I like to stick to the rule of using two metals but no more than three in a space. The black and chrome finishes on this vanity complement each other perfectly. Pfister has a variety of fixture finishes available that make customizing simple! Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Although I chose Halifax faucets in chrome, the Contempra matte black towel rings still flow with the design.

I mean just look at these Contempra matte black towel rings! It was love at first sight. They pair so well with the mirrors and cabinet hardware. I love the bold design and modern feel! I also went with the Contempra paper holder for the water closet. Can we talk about how awesome this paper holder is? I think we often underestimate the use of well-made bathroom fixtures. The simple design allows me to easily change toilet paper with just a lift of the bar. No excuses for an empty roll now! 🙂


The Contempra collection is also available in four stunning finishes. The modern contemporary design is just exactly what I was looking for in this bathroom. I did a fun accent wall in this water closet as well. I used the same DIY shelf liner paper from my office reveal. This inexpensive hack is a fun way to add some character to any space. I also decided to add the natural wood floating shelf for extra storage and contrast.

With a little creativity (and our friends at Spectrum Brands), we were able to make this gray tiled/ dark bathroom work after all. I’ll be honest, it was one of the first things I wanted to change when we bought this house. One of the things about buying a pre-existing house is that you get what you get 🙂 . The bathroom got put on the back burner with all the other projects we had going. Now I actually don’t hate it. Just a few cosmetic changes can go a long way. All the Pfister fixtures really make this bathroom feel modern and loved again. Most of all, the bathroom feels more like us. The bathroom really works for our family and now we enjoy it even more.

Master Bathroom Inspiration

I am looking forward to the day we can tackle our master bathroom. There are so many things I want to change. We gave it a mini update when we moved in. However, it has a long way to go before it is finished.

Today I wanted to share some bathroom inspiration and my plans. The footprint is already pretty good for the space we are working with. I plan on keeping the countertops and refinishing the cabinets to a lighter color. The vanity will just be an easy cosmetic update.

The real fun comes when I get to change the flooring! There is so much gray rectangle tile that came in this bathroom when we bought it. It is on the floor, the shower, and walls. I can not wait to break this up and change all this tile!

Another big change we will make is swapping out the glass shower for Euro glass. Mr. Whitelane and I are also planning on bringing down the wall as far as we can between the shower and bathtub.

These changes alone will have a huge impact. It will look completely different. I want to continue the tile surround we pick for the bathtub, around the window above too. EEKKK! It will be a fun statement!

There are quite a few projects we have to tackle before we make it to the bathroom though. A girl can dream, right? Next up we have the flooring in the upstairs bedrooms. Once we get that out of the way, I can start talking Mr. Whitelane into the bathroom project. 🙂

Bathroom Update With Kichler

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Kichler. Read my full disclosure here.

The bathrooms upstairs needed some cosmetic updates to fit our style. I wanted to create a space that would be functional and stylish. I have said it so many times but I will say it again. One of the easiest ways to update a space or give it some character is with lighting. I knew that the builder basic light fixtures just had to go. Here is a look at the master bathroom when we bought the house.

I really wish the previous owners had put light fixtures over each sink. However, there was only one light fixture for a double sink. 🙁 I decided to make the most of it and work with what we had. I knew that Kichler would have something amazing to give it a wow factor. Sure enough, I found the Alton Bath Light. The industrial brass plate and seeded glass were just perfect. I love how it pops against the white shiplap.


To give the master bathroom extra dimension and style we popped off the builder grade mirror. Mr. Whitelane and I decided to install shiplap and hang individual mirrors for each sink. The Alton Bath Light centered between the sinks really makes a statement. This is phase one of the bathroom updates. We plan on replacing the faucets/countertops and painting the vanities in phase two (after the basement is finished). Although, I kind of like the dark vanities for now.


The kid’s bathroom also needed a little lighting love. I will be honest, I had a hard time deciding which bathroom should get this Jasper Bath Light. It is so unique, modern, and retro all at the same time. I ended up deciding it fit best in the kid’s bathroom. You know I love all things brass. So, it is no surprise on the color choice. The tapered bar with etched cased opal globes is striking. The Jasper Bath Light is just what this bathroom needed to pop. Instead of removing the mirror in here, we just added an easy DIY frame.

Both the Jasper and Alton bath lights were perfect in helping to bring each bathroom some style and character. I couldn’t be happier with how these little bathrooms have turned out. They both just needed a little DIY love to remove the builder basic vibe. The bathrooms now feel more like our own. Want to update your bathroom or space the easy way? Add a new light fixture from Kichler. 🙂 Lighting can make all the difference in a room.

Joyful Spring Home Tour

The following post contains affiliate links and sponsored by Hayneedle. Read my full disclosure here.

Today I am joining in on the Joyful Spring home tour, sponsored by, along with 14 other amazing bloggers. If you are coming from The Porch Light Cottage or Delightfully Noted, welcome! Be sure to follow the schedule at the bottom of the post to check out all the spring tours. Also, there is an awesome giveaway at the bottom of this post.  I love blog hopping and you will not be disappointed by these talented ladies.

Spring officially starts in a week. Considering it snowed last week, I am beyond excited for it to start warming up! I always get excited to decorate for Spring. It means that we are finally getting past the cold and ready to start fresh. Don’t get me wrong, I love having all four seasons in Utah. It is so fun to experience each new season.

One of my favorite spots to decorate is my World Market Everett Table. Easter and Spring are when I venture out and add some color around the house. I picked up this egg garland and grass bunnies at Michael’s. The wreath was a Home Goods find. My husband refers to this as the hallway of shiplap. I just love the character that shiplap gives our entry.

I haven’t shown much of this front room, right off the entry. It has been a work in progress. We have our piano and a sofa in here. I am still loving this DIY framed botanical gallery to go above the sofa. The perfect rug for this room is still out there. I just need to find it and bring it home.

My living room, dining room, and kitchen are all open to each other. I love open concept spaces. It just feels like there is more room. I can also be a part of all the action going on in the other areas while cooking in the kitchen.

This adorable mad hatter hat, egg garland, and big bunny (on the coffee table) are from Michael’s.


This rolling pin was actually at the Target Dollar Spot for Valentine’s Day. I thought it carried over to Easter perfectly too.  My kids just love turning on this marquee bunny from Michael’s. The poor mini chicks have also taken quite the beating from my little ones. I don’t know if they will survive another Eater around here. 🙂

Ok, let me tell you about the best shopping experience ever, It is like Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, and Target all combined but better! Way cuter selection and the prices are AMAZING! The best part is that I get to do all my shopping while wearing my pajamas in bed. I don’t have to drag my kids in and out of a million stores to find one thing I am looking for. I had the hardest time trying to decide what I wanted to order for this spring tour. There may, or may not, be a whole cart full items still waiting to be purchased. 🙂 Hayneedle was so kind to send me this duvet set and bench for my master bedroom spring refresh. I have been searching for the perfect duvet for this bedroom since we moved in. I am in love with the look and feel of this duvet. It is like sleeping in luxury hotel bedding. Since the name is Luxury Hotel Microfiber Set, totally makes sense now!  Mr. Whitelane even thinks it feels super comfy.

A bench is a necessity in our bedroom. Mr. Whitelane wakes up way earlier than me. Every time he puts on his shoes, he sits on the end of the bed. I am a light sleeper and I would always wake up. Not anymore. This bench has saved me many minutes of sleep. I love the black metal base that ties into our barn door. Best of all, it was so easy to assemble and came right to my front door. It has also withstood the kid superhero test. Many jumps later, still going strong. It was my first time ordering with and I am definitely hooked! Hayneedle is also giving away a $250 shopping spree to one of you! Click HERE to enter your email and follow @hayneedle on Instagram. Contest runs until March 20th. Good luck!

Don’t worry, the tour doesn’t stop here. Go check out these other awesome ladies in the schedule below. We have loved putting the Joyful Spring Home Tour together. It has been such fun showing you our spring decor and working with Tomorrow is the final day of the tour. So, don’t miss out! Make sure you visit all the blogs from earlier this week as well.

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Shiplap Vanity

The following post contains affiliate links.

I finally got the shiplap put up above our vanity and I am in L.O.V.E. I have been trying to get it done for about a month. We have only lived in our new house two months but the projects have been planned for a loooooong time! From the second we picked our floor plan, the project list started. This was really an easy weekend project that made a big impact. We did this same type of “shiplap” in our townhouse going to the basement. The method we use is way cheaper than traditional shiplap. I think it looks just as good too!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Mr. Whitelane and I started out by going to Lowe’s to get some plywood underlayment board. It comes in 4’ by 8’ sheets for $14.48. Then we had Lowe’s cut the board into six-inch strips. They will do straight cuts for free. So, take advantage of that! I was able to get five stripes that were six inches. There was one more strip that came out of the sheet but it was a little less than six inches because of the saw blade. When you make cuts, you lose a little of your board each time due to the width of the blade. After I had my six-inch stripes, I had them cut the boards to the length I need to go across my vanity.

20160625_113649  20161004_102645

Now that we had our strips, we loaded them up and got to work. NOT! We went home, unloaded them to the garage, and that is where the boards sat for a month. Each weekend we had something come up and it did not get done. I finally got tired of looking at those boards. I decided that we would get it done this past weekend, no matter what! It is a miracle! It actually got done between our kid’s football and soccer games.

Before we started, I took a sander to the all the edges of the six-inch strips. The edges can be a little rough after they are cut. Just to be sure, I like to sand all around the boards to make it smooth. Mr. Whitelane got our little one down for a nap, while I quickly gave the boards a sanding. Now we were ready to nail them up. In most cases, your ceiling is not level. Make sure the first board you put at the top of your wall is level. There may be a gap between certain spots of the board and your ceiling. That’s okay because caulk will hide any gaps.


After the first board is level, things go pretty quick. I used nickels to space between each board to give that small line. I love using my Ryobi Power Strike cordless nail gun. It is so simple and no cords get in the way. We used a jigsaw to cut around our electrical boxes and outlet. It is not perfect but caulk is a lifesaver!


When we got all our boards up, I went back and filled the nail holes with spackle. I then used a lot of caulk to fill and smooth all my gaps. I used to hate caulking because of how messy it got. Mr. Whitelane then introduced me to the best invention ever. A caulk tool makes the perfect smooth lines with half the mess. I love how perfect and easy it is to use. You really need to try one for your next project. It’s a game changer!


Now that everything was spackled and caulked, I let it dry overnight. I then used a foam roller to put on four coats of Sherwin Williams “High Reflective White.” Another great trick I like to use in between painting is to put your roller in a plastic bag in the fridge. Keeping the roller in the fridge stops the paint from drying out. You also don’t have to rinse it out each time. Just grab it out of the fridge and start painting again. When you are done with all your coats, you can trash it or rinse it out.


I put back up my vanity lights and hung my mirrors. Another project marked off the list for this house! I also found the cutest hand towels and soap pump at Target.

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

The shiplap looks so good with the barn door we got hung!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset