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Move Out Home Tour

I usually forget to take a video of the houses we sell. Things get a little chaotic with packing and moving. You’re in luck this time! I actually was able to get a full house tour video. I love seeing home tours and hope you enjoy this one.

It gives you a lot better perspective of the layout. We also sold a lot of the décor and furnishings to the new owners as well. They really liked how things looked and opted to purchase them separately from the sale of the home. That is why you will see several things left untouched even though we had already moved out. This picture of the kitchen is from the day we moved out.

Head on over to my YouTube channel and check it out. I will be sharing more fun images in the coming weeks of this house.

Joyful Fall Home Tour 2018

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

I am so excited to share my fall home tour. I have collaborated with a great group of ladies. They are all opening up their homes to show you some wonderful inspiration for fall. Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of this page for the full line up of fall perfection!

The past year has been a whirlwind, to say the least. We sold the home we built, bought another home, started renovations, and moved three times. Honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing about everything we have experienced. It has been such an amazing growing time for our family. We love our new home and all the projects we have been able to accomplish since moving in. We still have a ton of projects left to get our hands on. The basement is just about done and we are happy to have that space complete. I will have a tour of the basement coming soon!


With all the construction on the house, I haven’t been exactly excited to decorate. I feel like I have been starting to just get regular decor situated. I forced myself to start getting out the boxes of fall from the garage. As soon I opened up the boxes the creativity started flowing.


I wanted to keep it simple and clean. I think it is important to not feel like every corner of every room has to be decorated. I decided to sprinkle some of my green fabric pumpkins from last year throughout the living room and mudroom. I got them from the Target Dollar Spot and I am still loving them. I decided to take a spin on your typical fall colors. I love the orange, yellow, and brown tones of the traditional fall decor. However, I just didn’t feel like that was right for this home.


I decided to have a pink fall. I love the soft touches of pink with neutrals. Why not have that for fall too? The best part is that a lot of stores had their summer pink florals and decor on clearance. I am starting to see more and more pink creep into our home and don’t hate it. 🙂 Mr. Whitelane hasn’t complained yet either. So, as long as I keep it simple I think we are good.

I am definitely in the mood for fall now. If you are feeling “blah” about getting your home decorated for the holidays; just start simple. I dare you to get out some pumpkins and not feel like you need apple cider by the fire.  🙂 You can find affiliate links below to shop most of the items you have seen in my home tour. Be sure to go visit all the beautiful fall tours listed below as well!

Living Room Sofa| Bar Stools| Pendants| Piano Room Light| Dining Room Chairs| Dining Room Pendant| Gold Kitchen Faucet |Coffee Tables| Ceiling Fan| Living Room Area Rug| Entry Pendant| Paino Room Sofa| Mudroom Hooks| Piano Room Area Rug| Mini Cake Stand| Gold Base Vase

Decor For Fall

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Joyful Holiday Home Tour 2017

Welcome to my Christmas tour! I am excited to take part in this home tour with nine other bloggers. If you are following the tour you just came from Belle Amour Blog. Stephanie has such a wonderful tour and I am so glad to have you come over to mine. I know you will find so much inspiration for Christmas along this tour. Be sure to follow the links at the bottom of this post to see all the tours.

It is time for Christmas! I can not believe how fast this year has gone by. I guess that is what happens when you have a baby. Everything is going by so fast and I just want it to slow down so I can soak in every moment. I know that one day I will wake up and my kids will be grown. I want to try to enjoy every moment I have with them. I really love the holiday season that comes at the end of the year. So many good holidays right in a row. The perfect time to be together as a family.

This year I had such a hard time figuring out what color scheme I wanted to go with for Christmas. Last year I kept it completely neutral with champagne, white, and silver. That is pretty much my jam, leaving things neutral. I love the simple clean look of having things neutral. However, I wanted to mix it up this year. All the red and green had me really considering doing classic. It is so easy to find decor in red and green as well. I was soooo close to doing red and green but I then decided to do black and white. So, off to the store, I went to find some black to add into all the white Christmas decor I already had.

You would not believe how hard it is to find black Christmas decor. I found tons of inspiration on Pinterest and had the perfect look in my head. I was extremely disappointed when I went to THREE different stores to find black Christmas ornaments. I found ONE small box of black ornaments that were not what I had in mind at all. They were not cute and didn’t fit the style I wanted. Who knew that black would be so hard? As I was standing in my fourth store roaming the isles, a new light bulb turned on in my brain. I went down an aisle with light pink decorations. I instantly thought about how well it would blend with the champagne and white Christmas decor I already had. I would just have to add some small touches of pink. It would be a lot less expensive than a whole new color scheme. Best of all, I really liked the soft subtle color of pink that would transition into Valentines as well.

That is right friends, I am going to be able to get two holidays out of this color. I grabbed some pink ornaments and decor to get home and start. This year, I also chose not to put up decorations in every single room. I want to start simplifying things. I only decorated the rooms we use the most on the main floor. The kitchen got a few sprinkles of pink Christmas as well as our dining table, living room, entry, and front room.

I chose to put the Christmas tree in our front room, right off the entry. It is centered on our front porch window. I wanted to do a different topper this year. I grabbed some angel wings out of the Halloween Costume section last year. I brought them out of the basement and tied some pink bows onto the wings. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it when I got it on top of the tree. I mostly used all my white and champagne ornaments and decorations for the tree. I then took my new pink ornaments and sprinkled them into the tree. I found a cute pink faux mohair blanket at Home Goods. I thought this was perfect for the tree skirt.

The piano got a few decoration in this room as well. Using the same decor you already have can feel new each year if you just switch it up. Put it in new places and arrangments around your house. I had these items in completely different places last year. Grouping them together here makes it feel totally different and new. The entry table got another cute pink blanket from Home Goods. I was able to snag this one for only $10 on clearance because of an ink pen mark. I took alcohol and was able to blot the ink out of the blanket. A total bargain to add a pop of pink to the entry.

I really love this pink and silver Christmas ornament garland I found at Michaels Stores. It was the perfect touch to add pink to the mantel. I also found these pink pillow covers at IKEA last year for Valentines. I simply layered the pink pillows behind my white sweater pillows from IKEA to give a subtle touch. The dining table got a few pink trees I found at At Home. I added these pink houses from At Home to the kitchen counter. That is about all the kitchen got. Again, this year I wanted to keep things simple. Less decor means more time and less clean up.

I hope you have enjoyed this look into my pink Christmas. I am loving the feminine touch of this color popped around our house. I am also loving that I will be able to keep some of the pink decor up for Valentines as well. Be sure to visit Farmhouse on Boone for the next stop on the tour as well as the other blogger’s home tours below. Merry Christmas!

Joyful Holiday Home Tour 2017

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Joyful Fall Home Tour 2017

I am so excited to bring a joyful fall home tour with such a great group of bloggers. There are some gorgeous homes that have been decked out for fall. Be sure to stop by all of them today on the links at the bottom of this post. There is so much inspiration for everybody’s style.

Looking for fall decorating ideas? Tour 12 bloggers' homes and find beautiful inspiration for fall decor and encouragement to make your home cozy for fall!

I can not believe fall is here. It is like I blinked and summer was over. I feel like my kids just got out of school and I am already sending them back. That is always how summer is I suppose. This summer seemed especially short because we welcomed baby number three to our family. She was born the end of June. Everything after that just seems like a blur. Our life kind of went into chaos, love, and survival mode. Adding a new baby is always an adjustment. I would say that having number three has been an easier transition than the first two. It was like she just fit right into our family. The sleep deprivation is the hardest adjustment for me. I love my sleep and figuring out how to wake up all night and function all day is tricky. It only lasts for a short time and then they grow up. At least that is what everyone keeps telling me. I keep telling myself that too at 3 a.m. 🙂


Needless to say, fall around here is simple and minimal. A newborn and two other kids do not allow much time for anything else.  I kind of like it that way. I just got out the basic necessities to add some touches of fall. Pumpkins are my go-to for adding fall touches that can transition into Halloween and Thanksgiving. Let’s be honest, I will be lucky if anything changes with my decor until Christmas and even luckier if I get Christmas up at all! I got out my white and cream pumpkins and sprinkled them around the living room and kitchen and thought that was good enough. However, after an impromptu trip to Target one day, I ended up with more than I bargained for. Famous last words right? Especially since Joanna Gaines just announced they will have a line with Target too. WHAT!? I pretty much will never be able to get out of there with any money again. Anyways, I went there and they just happened to have the cutest fall decor at the dollar spot.

The Target dollar spot always has so many fun things for each season and holiday. They had these fun dark green, mint, and white fabric pumpkins. I may have grabbed a few (or 18 after going to two other Targets). So I spent $18 on fabric pumpkins and got 18 pumpkins. That is a good deal and look how cute they are. I was able to mix these fun new pumpkins with my old ones and that is about all this house got for fall. It was all I had in me as well. Honestly, I love that it is simple and just the right amount of decor to get you in the mood for the season. I grabbed a few pumpkin spice candles from the dollar spot and this cute recipe box too. I am telling you, the dollar spot is going to have run for its money when Joanna Gaines gets her line there. 🙂


I am living proof that anyone can decorate for fall. Just throw some pumpkins and pumpkin spice candles around your main living areas and call it good. That is all it takes to bring some cozy fall vibes to any space. Simple and easy. That is my new motto for decorating with a newborn. Hopefully, Christmas will be just as easy. 😉 Be sure to hop on over to all the other home tours below and see what they have for some amazing fall inspiration.

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Joyful Summer Home Tour 2017

I am so happy to be a part of the Joyful Spring Home Tour this week. If you’re coming from Farm House on Boone or My Vintage Porch, welcome!  There are so many talented bloggers that I have teamed up with to bring you this tour. Their homes are gorgeous and you will just love having a peek at how they have styled their homes for the summer. Be sure to follow the schedule at the bottom of this post to see all the homes.

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. It may sound crazy but I love having my kids home from school! There are no schedules or routines. Just fun days of spontaneous activities that we can do. No alarm clocks or rushing our the door. It is nice to just slow down and enjoy the day or whatever may come our way. We really enjoy spending time at all our local splash pads. The cities around us all have splash pads that the kids can play at for free. We usually take a bunch of snacks, water toys, and blankets or lawn chairs. We can easily spend the entire day camped out there playing.

I feel like this laid back summer vibe crosses over into my decor in my home for the summer. I like to keep it simple and clean (big surprise). My mantel has no garland or banners. When I first took down my Easter decor, it felt a little sparse and naked. I quickly got used to the simplicity and now I love it.  The coffee tables keep that neutral look with a few wood and white elements. I really think having a neutral canvas creates a calm atmosphere for a space. It is fun to add in my pops of color for holidays. However, I still love a simple neutral palette, when all that is gone.

My dining table just has a small centerpiece. A brass bowl with some white hydrangeas. I don’t like to put anything too tall in the center of my table. It just gets in the way at dinner time. It makes it easy for the family to pull out a chair, start eating and share the day. We thought about doing built in shelves next to the fireplace when we moved into the house. I found these Ballard Design shelves instead. They were a great price and it is something we can take with us if we ever move.

My kitchen is easily the room we spend the most time in. After school snacks (now summer snacks), all the meals we cook and just talking. It is the gathering spot in our home. My daughter left her stick horse on the bar stool. I was going to move it out of the picture. I decided to leave it because it reminds me of the sweet moments we share as a family in this room. It was just fitting for this area. It is fun to hear and see them playing while Mr. Whitelane and I cook (mostly Mr. Whitelane). 🙂

Finally, I wanted to show the summer refresh I did in the laundry room. I know, it’s just a laundry room. I feel like I spend the other half of my life in here though. It might as well be cute, right? It is a narrow room making it a little difficult to photograph. I am so glad we put a sink in this laundry room. It has come in handy so many times. We recently switched out the faucet in the kitchen and put it in here. I like this stainless faucet a lot better than the builder basic chrome faucet that was here previously. Mr. Whitelane and I also added the laundry drying pole across the top of the sink. I am a wierdo about drying certain clothes in the dryer. This drying pole has been a life saver. I also found this cute succulent at the Target Dollar Spot. The soap pump was a Home Goods Find from a few years ago. I finished off this little area of the laundry room with a glass jar of clothespins. I just think it’s cute and adds some depth to the space.

I hope you have enjoyed this little summer tour of mine. Be sure to continue the fun over the next few days and check out the other bloggers in the lineup below. Hop on over to Lisa at Farmhouse on Boone and Natalie at My Vintage Porch next to see their tours today!

June 1st- Laura at Meaningful Spaces, Stephanie at Belle Amour Blog, and Marci at Lemons to Lovelys. 

June 2nd- Hayley at A House with Books, Jordan at JorDecor, and Kim at Kim Power Style.