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Move Out Home Tour

I usually forget to take a video of the houses we sell. Things get a little chaotic with packing and moving. You’re in luck this time! I actually was able to get a full house tour video. I love seeing home tours and hope you enjoy this one.

It gives you a lot better perspective of the layout. We also sold a lot of the décor and furnishings to the new owners as well. They really liked how things looked and opted to purchase them separately from the sale of the home. That is why you will see several things left untouched even though we had already moved out. This picture of the kitchen is from the day we moved out.

Head on over to my YouTube channel and check it out. I will be sharing more fun images in the coming weeks of this house.

Daylight Basement Living Room

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Sofamania. Read my full disclosure here.

The basement living room finally has a place to sit. Not only that, it is pretty much done! I am so excited about how this space turned out. It is the perfect spot to relax and curl up by the fire. Having furniture and decor down here is bringing it all together. Mr. Whitelane and I started this basement back in April. We can finally enjoy all the plans we worked up to get the basement to this point.

I have a hard time deciding which aspect I like more, decorating or designing the space. When we first drew up plans for this room I knew a fireplace was a must-have. We made a few changes from our original sketches but for the most part, we knew what we wanted.

Now that I have been putting the finishing touches on each room, I am just as thrilled as when we started. A sectional sofa was also a must have for this room. I was so happy with Sofamania and my Jayne XL sofa upstairs, I ordered from them again. Their prices and style can’t be beaten! I chose the Cella Contemporary Velvet Corner Sectional in light grey. What do you think?

Sofamania is so awesome that they also decided to give me a special discount just for my readers. You can get 12% off your purchase until the end of the year with code WLDxSM. They also always offer free domestic shipping. Have you seen all the amazing pieces of furniture they offer? The prices are already so low and you can get an additional 12% off. YAY!

I am obsessed with my new sectional. The modern legs and clean lines have me all heart eyes. This sectional also comes in three other colors. It was so hard to choose! Now that this room is finished, I can’t wait to show you more reveals. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any updates. I will be back soon to show you the basement kitchen. You can shop the links below for sources from this post.


Coffee Table






Bright Basement Guest Bedroom

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Beddy’s Bed. Read my full disclosure here.

The first room in the basement is finally done! I am so excited to show all the details about this bedroom. I will be revealing more rooms over the next few weeks. Be sure to follow along so you don’t miss out on any of the reveals. I am having so much fun designing this new space in our home. I hope it will be some great inspiration for you too!

We wanted to be able to sleep as many people as we could in this basement. I also wanted it to feel bright and airy. A lot of times basements are dark and depressing. I made sure to keep the walls and ceiling light to help accomplish this. You can read all about the finishes and colors in the basement blog post here. I thought about bunk beds but our ceiling height is only eight feet tall in the basement. Trundle beds were the next best thing. Now, I did a lot of sourcing to find a trundle bed that was not a daybed and did not cost a fortune. Did you know that is almost impossible to find? For some reason, trundle beds are almost always a daybed. The affordable ones at least. In all my searching I finally found these beds and I knew they were THE ONES! I am telling you won’t find a better price and style. I am also really surprised about how good the quality is too. I don’t have the trundles put under the bed yet. I am just waiting on two more mattresses to arrive. This room can sleep four people and the trundles will tuck away under the bed when we don’t need them. It is a win-win!

UPDATE: One of the mattresses came and here is a picture with the trundle below.

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff. This bedding is the real item I wanted to talk to you about. I mean can you see all that cuteness? Come on, bring it in and get a closer look. It is BEDDY’S. Please tell me you have Beddy’s in your life by now! I first became addicted ( I don’t say that lightly 🙂 ) to Beddy’s when I got one for my son’s room. I will be honest, I was skeptical at first too. Let me explain what is all about. It is a comforter, fitted sheet, and blanket all in one that ZIPS UP! Yes, my friends, it zips up so anyone can make up the bed. Including my five-year-old. HALLEJULAH! The best part is that the whole piece goes on like a fitted sheet. Do you even know how much time I have wasted in my life making up the bed, putting on each separate piece? Going around and layering on the fitted sheet, the top sheet, the blanket, and blah blah blah. I would dread laundry day with my old bedding because it took foooorrrreeever. Not anymore. I just stick this entire bedding on like a fitted sheet and BAM! Done.


The most asked questions I get about Beddy’s is: Does it really work? Is it worth the money? Do you have a discount code? If you could get your child to make their bed up and it actually looked good, wouldn’t you? Yes, it most definitely works. The entire top can also unzip and the inside is Minky fabric. Don’t like Minky? Well, you’re crazy then. However, they also make an all cotton interior for all the crazy people 😉 . There is a comfort panel that extends out just for that extra coverage. The fabric is high quality that retains its integrity and color. I have washed my son’s for over a year now. It still looks brand new! Yes, it is completely worth every penny. I am also so excited because I got you guys a discount! If you have been waiting for a sale to try it out for yourself, then now is the time. You can use code WHITELANE20 for 20% off your entire order. Not just one item but your ENTIRE order. This is the Oh So Boho set with the Khaki Stripes Blanket.  The fabric is a beautiful neutral color that can go with just about any decor. If you go check out their site you will see so many more fun designs to choose from. Did I mention they also have pillows, bed skirts, pajamas, and slippers? They thought of everything and it is all some of the cutest products you will ever see. So, if you want to make your life easier and your bedrooms to look clean, get Beddy’s Zipper Bedding. Really, just try it on one bed and I promise you will want this bedding on every bed you own.

The art between the beds was a fun DIY that I will be sharing in a blog post soon. I actually DIYed all the art for the entire basement for less than $10. I got all the frames from Ikea and will share more about that soon. The nightstand you can find here. I just wanted something small to go between the beds. A place to set a few things if needed. The wall sconces are actually discontinued but I found some very similar here. I also had that black tall can with the handle in my decor closet/secret stash 🙂 . It used to actually be turquoise. I got it from Ikea years ago. I decided to spray paint it matte black for this room. Always shop your house first. A little DIY can go a long way. The ceiling fan is the same one I have upstairs. I love that it is low profile for these low ceilings. The tassel pillows were a great deal I found on Black Friday. I usually don’t do a lot of Black Friday shopping but this year we needed stuff for the basement. I was able to find some amazing deals!


I am so happy to have this room finished. I know it will be simple and easy to keep it looking good with Beddy’s. First bedroom down a few more rooms to go. Almost ready for guest. Who’s coming over?


Light And Bright Basement Finishes

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

I wanted to give a little hard finish tour of the basement. Nothing is decorated or styled but construction is complete. I have had so much fun making this space our own. Since we were not able to build this house, designing this basement has made it feel personalized. I wanted to create a space that felt light and airy (even in the basement).

The first step in making this basement feel bright was to open up the kitchen. We put a header across the ceiling to open up the hallway. Next, we decided to go ahead and make this basement a walkout with an entry. This just makes access and usability more functional. We figured we were already down there doing construction so why not go ahead and add the door. You can see the framing from before where the walkout was a window and the kitchen was a bedroom. The wall was completely closed off.


LVP flooring running through the entire space also helped in making everything flow and feel open. LVP is water resistant and very durable. I knew it would be perfect for this basement. The paint color Sherwin Willimas “Pure White” was my go-to for everything in here. The ceiling, doors, trim and walls all got this color. I stuck to a budget-friendly tile in the bathroom that you have seen many times before. The octagon and dot white tile is a classic staple around here.


I was able to find a quartz remnant that matched our upstairs kitchen countertops. That was a major score! I also found a little remnant slab of black honed granite that is just perfect for the bathroom too. I decided to pop the black granite with this chrome faucet. Shockingly, I didn’t put any brass or gold in the basement. 🙂 I wanted to keep it light and fresh using chrome accents for finishes. I also used the chrome faucet that came out of kitchen remodel upstairs and moved it to this kitchen. It fits this aesthetic a lot better down here. You may also notice this light fixture from our upstairs bathroom update. That’s right, it used to be brass. I just knew it would look better in this bathroom. I gave this light fixture a quick coat of matte black spray paint to fit this bathroom design. Kind of hard to see the fixture in this bathroom because there isn’t a window. I love it even more in this bathroom though!

The wall sconce and carpet for the hallway were a no-brainer. As soon as I saw this carpet I just knew it was going to be in my house somewhere. The wall sconces have a chrome finish with creamy white shades that complement the carpet tones perfectly. I apparently bought the last one of this sconce on the whole internet. 😉 I literally can not find the light anywhere to link it for you. Sorry!

The bathroom and kitchen hardware was a tough decision. I even took votes on Instagram Stories. I ended up deciding to go with the black bar pulls in the kitchen and a fun acrylic and chrome bar pull in the bathroom.

There are also two bedrooms and some major closet storage. You can never have enough storage. Give me all the organizing shelves and racks. 🙂

The fireplace is probably my favorite feature in the whole basement. I just love the shiplap with the natural wood mantel. It is the focal point of the living room. Simple while making a statement is just what I wanted.


That is about everything. We are so glad to have the extra space finished. Now to decorate and furnish!