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I made some of the cutest pillows out of cloth napkins to go with my new sofa. I searched and searched to find pillows that I wanted. They were all so pricey! One day I was in Target and came across some cloth napkins on clearance for $6. They were the perfect size to make 20″ by 20″ pillow covers for my inserts. I figured I could make two pillows out of the $6 package and had nothing to lose.

I had seen my friends Laura and Rachel do this and knew it was worth a try. The napkins came in a pack of four. This meant I could have two pillows with a back and front out of one package. To get started you will need:


Cloth Napkins

Pillow Inserts

Clothes Pins

Liquid Stich

Tassel (optional)

First Iron out all the cloth napkins and get them nice and straight. After they are ironed pair out two napkins (a back and front). Take the liquid stitch and put a small line around all the outer edge except one side. That one side will be the opening you put the insert into later. Use clothespins to secure the liquid stitch between the back and front napkin and let it dry overnight.

Come back the next morning and remove all the clothespins to see your pillow cover almost finished. Take the pillow insert and put it into the one side you did not glue. Get it all situated and fluffed with the corners fitted. Apply the liquid stitch along the open end using clothespins to close and secure as you go. This side will be harder because of the insert bulging. Doing small sections at a time clipping the clothespins to secure as you go will work best. Let it dry overnight. Remove the clothespins the next day and enjoy! If you want to add a tassel to one or more corners, add that in when you are applying the glue at each corner. Secure with a clothespin until dry.

Yes, your insert will be glued into the pillow. However, It won’t be hard to get it out by ripping the seem or using scissors if needed. At $3 a pillow, I don’t mind messing up the pillow when I want to change covers and get my insert out. Or you can use inexpensive inserts to permanently have this as a pillow.

A super nice pillow for a fraction of the cost of the ones I was seeing in stores. No sewing machine needed. The fabric glue is permanent and dries clear. Go find some cloth napkins and make your own one of a kind pillow.