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Front Porch Rocking Chairs

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Everybody is getting out all their fall decor and I am over here just getting my outdoor spaces ready. I feel so behind the game this year. Our yard was put in the beginning of July and it has been amazing to have grass. The dirt was such a mess and made our whole house dirty. Now that the yard is in I feel like I can finally enjoy being outside. So, I am just now getting around to making our porch cute for what is left of summer.

The best part of trying to find outdoor decor at the end of summer is CLEARANCE sales. That is exactly how I found this black rocking chair for only $50 at Home Depot. I was casually checking out what they had on sale in the garden department when I came across this hidden gem. It was stacked under a bunch of other random boxes of stuff. The words on the box “black rocker” immediately caught my eye. I quickly called Mr. Whitelane over to do the heavy lifting and got this big black rocking chair in my cart a.s.a.p.

When we got to the register I had the cashier check to see if there were any more at another store. Sadly, they were sold out everywhere. It makes sense because these rocking chairs usually sell for at least $90 or more. I took the one chair home and came up with a plan B. I wanted two black rocking chairs to sit on my front porch. Preferably matching. However, when you can’t find another chair anywhere in your state, you use spray paint.

I know what you’re thinking, spray paint? That’s right, I decided to spray paint a white rocking chair I already had. It is not the same chair but it is wood, it’s free, and that is good enough for me. Once it got a good coat of primer and black spray paint, you don’t really notice that they are not the exact same chair.


I used my usual method for spray painting that you can find on my video tutorial here. The only thing I added was an additional coat of an outdoor sealer since the chair will be outside. I also used Rustoleum Lacquer in high gloss so that the finish would match the other chair I got on clearance. I typically only use Krylon spray paint but this was an exception. The chair was a little weathered from being outside in previous years and this makeover gave it some new life. I am loving how the black pops against our white house.

I am happy to have one space put together outside. Now I just need to get my deck and backyard put together. I plan to enjoy a lot of fall nights out here before the snow comes.