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Color Of The Year 2018

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Photo courtesy of Pantone.

Pantone color of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. I am always surprised by the new fun color they pick. I am already brainstorming ideas of how to add touches of this color to my decor. My neutral loving heart is a bit reluctant to be this bold. However, I wanted t share a few subtle ways you can add this color to any home.

My first thought was flowers. I found this image below on domino and thought it was the perfect blend of neutral and bold. Flowers are an easy way to test out the color in your home. You can see the color with your decor without really committing to anything permanent.


Photo courtesy of


A painting is another way I think you can add subtle touches of Ultra Violet to a space. This painting on Horchow is exactly what I was looking for. The mix of neutral and hints of Violet are the perfect blend to ease into this color. I think this is a great piece that can fit into any decor as well.


Photo courtesy of Horchow

Ok, I know this is a little bold. But, if you are feeling brave you could try out a fun pop like this lamp. It is a definite statement piece. However, it can easily be changed out when you feel like you have had enough. Another fun versatile piece that allows you to have a small pop of the color of the year.


Photo courtesy of Lamps Plus


Hopefully, these are some ideas that will allow you to dabble in this year’s color of the year without a lot of commitment. It is always fun to try new things and styles that bring a new perspective to a room. Who knows? You may like the change and fresh new accent in your home.

Top Three White Paint Colors

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

I love the color white and I am not afraid to use it. Say it with me! It is no secret what my favorite color is these days. White is a staple in my decorating and design. I think it is the perfect backdrop to any space. It can allow so many options for pairing other pieces. I love the crisp neutrality of a good white paint. My house is painted white inside and out. Everyone told me not to do it. Do I have any regrets? NOT ONE!

So you want to join me on the light side too? There are so many shades of white. I have tried and tested at least half a million. 🙂 I am going to spill the paint (see what I did there) on my favorites. All white paint is not the same and can give you very different looks.

First, let me tell you the best way to test a paint sample. Paint it directly on the wall. No really, just paint a huge 2′ by 2′ square or blob on the wall of the room. This will give the most accurate color of the paint in the lighting of the room. Maybe you can’t bring yourself to do this for some reason. The next best thing is to buy paint sample paper. I don’t waste my money on fancy sample paper. You can pretty much get the same result on poster board. The poster board will get a little warped from absorbing the paint. That is okay because you can use painters tape to hold it down on the wall. Just use a regular paint brush and put a coat or two of paint on the poster board. Tape it to the wall of the room where you are wanting to paint. I did this same method when we finished the basement in our previous home. It worked like a charm!

The exterior of our home is painted with Sherwin Williams Pure White. I can’t say enough good things about this color. It is just the right amount of bright and warmth. It really is my go-to for white paint. It is great for people who are trying to go white but do not want it to be too stark or cold. This looks great on interior walls and trim as well as exteriors. So, why didn’t I paint my interior Pure White?

Don’t mind the grass. We just had sod installed. I will be sharing a full landscape reveal soon!

I chose to paint my interior walls and trim High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams. This white is not for everyone. It is a not as warm as Pure White. However, It is not stark or cold either. It is a really bright white without any gray or yellow tones. A really crisp and bright white. I decided on this brighter white on the inside because I really liked the sharper tone for inside. I knew it would fade a bit in certain rooms over time. Also, when I added my furniture and decor, it really toned down.  I did a satin finish on the walls and semi-gloss on the trim. Now, I do have three little kids running around. I get a lot of fingerprints and footprints on the wall (along with a bunch of other stuff). I simply take wet wipes, Clorox wipes, or Simple Green wipes to clean off the walls, doors, and trim.

Benjamin Moore White Dove is also a favorite white paint of mine. I think it is similar to Pure White by Sherwin Williams. A nice rich and warm white. Perfect for those just easing into white paint. I am somewhat partial to Sherwin Williams because I just love their quality. However, I think Bejamine Moore is also a great option.

You really can not go wrong with any of these white paint colors. I am a really picky and have tried so many shades of white. These three have been the top favorites out of all of the many samples I have tested and used. Don’t be afraid to take the color out of your wall and use white! You can add the color back into the room with your decor and furniture. The possibilities are endless with a neutral and bright canvas like white.