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The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Stanton Carpet and Lemco Flooring Desings. Read my full disclosure here.

I frequently get asked what my most loved project is to date. Or what my favorite transformation has been. Mr. Whitelane and I have done our fair share of DIY and home improvements over the years. From houses to yards, and everything in between. I have to say, this Stanton Carpet could be my favorite so far.

Let’s start from the beginning and take a look at where this stairwell started. Dark, brown, and shag are all the words that come to my mind. Which is not at all what you would want a stairwell to look like. I know what you are probably thinking. What is wrong with that carpet? Well, for starters our baby would pull the carpet fibers and threads out all the time. The high pile of this style is very high maintenance. It only looks good right after you vacuum. Especially on the stairs, the old carpet got matted and dingy looking even when it was not dirty! It drove me nuts how bad it looked all the time. I knew I didn’t like this carpet from the moment we bought the house. It was always the plan to rip it out at some point.

I absolutely fell in love with the Bravo style carpet from the Atelier Journey Collection. It is everything I envisioned for our stairwell and hallway. Low pile, modern design, neutral color, and very durable. I mean look at the gorgeous herringbone pattern. What’s not to love? A timeless and classy carpet style that fits the aesthetic of our home so much better! Bravo also comes in other colors too. The fiber is 100% Scotchgard 3M which makes it a great choice for the stairs (or anywhere).

I have been literally counting down the days until the brown shag carpet was gone. Lemco Flooring & Designs did a fabulous job installing this Stanton Carpet. If you are local to Utah, they are THE PLACE for all your flooring needs. I can not say enough great things about Lemco. I have used Lemco since before I even had a blog. That really says a lot because quality flooring and install is hard to come by. They carry all the brands including my favorite Stanton Carpet. Ryan, from Lemco, came to measure and listened to all the concerns and wants I had with the carpet. I already had my mind made up on the Stanton Carpet Bravo style. Next, the installer did an incredible job. Stairs can be tricky and easily messed up. I am happy to report the installer took great care to place the seams in all the right places and give this Bravo Style all her glory. 🙂 They even vacuumed and cleaned everything before they left.

What a difference the right carpet can make! This Stanton Carpet brought this stairwell up to date. I still have a lot more plans for this space. This was a huge step in the right direction. So, what about the rest of the carpet that is in the bedrooms? Don’t you worry! I am saving and planning all I can to get rid of every last inch of that dreaded brown shag carpet. The hallway and stairs have completely transformed with this beautiful Bravo carpet. I can not wait to get my hands on the bedrooms. I just hope they look half as good as the hallway and stairs turned out.

You have to take a look at Stanton Carpet and all the quality styles they offer. Then make sure to visit Lemco to make it all happen. This carpet has surpassed all my expectations (and they are high) for this area. The durability and quality are really unmatched. I get so giddy going up and down the stairs now. Cheesy, I know. Am I the only who gets excited about this kind of stuff? There is something very rewarding about seeing your inspirations come to life with the help of wonderful companies like Stanton Carpet and Lemco Flooring Designs.