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I just had to show a quick look at what we did for our Blue and Gold Scout Banquet. My little boy just entered into Cub Scouts and is having such a fun time. As part of the Blue and Gold Banquet, they are having a cake decorating contest. I quickly searched through Pinterest for some ideas to get us rolling. However, I have to give all the credit to Mr. Whitelane and our little guy. They took the idea I showed them to the next level.

They started with a simple chocolate cake mix from a box. The secret is to add a package of instant chocolate pudding, into the batter, to make the cake extra moist. They followed the directions according to the box except for that extra secret ingredient. When the cake came out, they wrapped it in foil and stuck it in the freezer overnight (makes it extra moist). The next day, they let the cake defrost and started decorating. The idea they saw here, gave the basis for their masterpiece. Don’t mind my poor quality photos. I didn’t plan on sharing this but it just turned out too cute! 

Mr. Whitelane and our little one got busy putting chocolate frosting across the top. Then they took white frosting to stick jumbo marshmallows around the outside layer of the cake. Next came the Fruit Roll-Ups for the campfire “flame.” It took some teamwork to hold the Fruit Roll-Ups in place, while the other stuck the pretzel rods in to hold up the “flame.”  This sweet little duo of guys in our house came up with the idea to use some extra pretzel rods for benches around the fire. They then sprinkled Reese’s Pieces around the fire (some crushed up). They also took mini marshmallows (roasted in a flame for an authentic look) and stuck them to toothpicks to place around the “fire.” Mr. Whitelane and our son could have stopped there. It looked great! But, they decided they needed to add some fishing with the campfire. Blue icing around the outside of the marshmallows served as the “water.” They tied a string to toothpicks (fishing poles) and placed Swedish fish in the “water.”

These guys of mine were the cutest team! I loved watching them make this together. Our son said he definitely thinks he will get first place (melt my heart!). Another fun scout cake idea goes down in the books. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas too!