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I feel like we are in a rush to get as many projects done as we can before the baby comes. In my head, I am thinking that anything left undone will pretty much not ever get done. I know that is not true. It will probably get done at some point. It just will be a lot longer wait. It’s the nesting mode in me, I guess. We got a ton done over the past week. We worked a little each night on the wall in the upstairs hallway from my previous post. Mr. Whitlane and I were able to use our Ryobi Cordless Nail Gun while the kids were sleeping. I seriously love this nail gun. There are no cords or loud compressors. It is still a little loud when firing a nail but waaaayyyyy less noisy than a compressor nail gun. Our kids slept through nailing up the boards every night. Our three-year-old’s door was right by this hallway too!  By Saturday we had all the plans to get some other project done. I mean, we had finished the upstairs wall. So Instead, we got nothing done. You know when you have a million things to do, but decide to take a fun day instead? Mr. Whitelane and I were both tired by Saturday. We ended up taking the kids to this fun play center to skate, play arcade games, jump on bounce houses, and meet some princesses. Totally worth it!

So, this weekend I mean business. We have to get something done! Haha. A simple project on the list is to switch out faucets. I have been wanting to move our kitchen faucet to the laundry room sink. I haven’t been able to find what type of faucet I want for the kitchen. I finally, narrowed it down to two options. I really like this one because it is stainless steel and will flow with our farm sink seamlessly. It is a spring pull down faucet that has an industrial kitchen look. We had a similar one in our townhouse. I just loved the look and feel of this style. 

Then there is brass. We all know how much I love brass these days. My kitchen is sprinkled with brass accents. So, it is no surprise I fell in love with this brass faucet as well. Here is my dilemma with the brass faucet. I have a stainless steel farm sink. The large stainless apron can really clash with the brass faucet. If I didn’t have a stainless apron sink, or even if the farm sink was white, there would be no problem. In the picture below, you can see that the brass looks great with this traditional stainless bowl sink. Mixing metals is totally allowed in a room or house. My rule is usually two metals and no more than three. It just has to be mixed carefully so that it all meshes correctly. The brass faucet right in front of that huge stainless apron may be too much. The faucet is on the way and we will soon find out.

Which faucet do you love? I am leaning towards the brass IF it can mesh correctly with my sink. Otherwise, I will still love the Stainless spring pull down faucet. I already have the stainless Kohler faucet. It looks great and I am just waiting on the brass faucet to arrive to make my final decision. I am a visual person and I need to see them in the space on this decision. I can’t wait to show you the final choice on my Instagram next week!