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Everyone has builder basic lighting in their house somewhere. Right!? If you don’t, count yourself as one of the lucky few. From dome lights to ceiling fans, I have had it all. Changing electrical fixtures can be really easy once you learn what to do from an expert. However, ceiling fans still make me nervous. It is a lot of work to switch one out (in my opinion). I decided to work with what I had to just give the fan an update without changing it out.

When we did my little girl’s big girl room, I decided to give spray painting the fan a try. I spray paint just about everything else. So, why not a ceiling fan? The ceiling fan was brushed nickel with dark fan blades. It may work for some styles. Not in this white house. The brushed nickel worked with the colors of my little one’s room. I just needed to lighten up the blades. I started by unscrewing the blades from the fan. Each blade had three screws and it was super easy to detach. 

I started by unscrewing the blades from the fan. Each blade had three screws and it was super easy to detach. You probably know the spray painting drill by now. Just in case you forgot, here is a quick video about the technique I use. Start with KILZ primer. This primer is the best primer and base layer for everything I paint. Wait for at least an hour for the primer to dry. If the surface is not as smooth as you like, sand with extra fine steel wool or 220 grit sand paper. Wipe off the blades from any sanding. Next, I took my Krylon white satin spray paint and gave it a nice even coat. I waited a day to let the blades fully cure before I brought them inside. I simply reattached the blades with the same screws as when I detached them. 

Let’s talk about the ugly wood pull chain. I could spray paint those too, I guess. I still did not think it would look much better. I went to Home Depot and picked up two acrylic diamond pull chains. The attached to the existing pull chain so easily. No more big brown eyesore.  These pull chains definitely added the extra girly glam the fan needed. 

I already had the spray paint on hand. I really only had to spend a few bucks on new pull chains. This is not a glamorous fan to rave about. However, It is an easy and cheap fix for the time being. It fits the style of the room so much better. There are another one of these fans in the nursery. I am currently working on giving it an update as well. Stay tuned for that reveal soon. Remember, spray paint can do wonders!