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A lot of people want to know the easiest way to update their house without spending a lot of money. I am going to let you in on a little secret. Paint and light fixtures. You would be surprised how much these two simple fixes can change the look of a room.

Although we built a new house, we chose to leave some things builder basic. Two of those things were the bathroom light fixtures and ceiling fans. I knew I wanted to swap them out after we moved in. The builder did not have an option that I loved. I also knew I could find some cheaper options after we got into the house. I like to look online for sales as well as local lighting stores. If you change your address through the local post office (or online), you can sign up for coupons to be sent to your new address or email. Home Depot or Lowe’s are always one of those coupons (along with a lot of other good coupons). I was able to use my coupon at Lowe’s to get some simple inexpensive vanity lights for our master bathroom. I am not an electrician and I do not recommend trying to change a light fixture without professional help. However, I have been changing light fixtures in our houses since we got married (after a lot of coaching from an expert). I am so glad I learned the proper way to change electrical fixtures. It has saved us a lot of money and made a big design impact.


I also found these ceiling fans to put in all the bedrooms and living areas. Ceiling fans are a little harder to swap out. However, I think it is well worth the time and work. This ceiling fan totally transformed my son’s room. The builder basic fans were not cutting it in our house. I love how this swap made such a big impact. Most of the time, you can sell the old fans or lights on a local yardsale page or Craigslist. It is a better option than throwing them out. You can also make a little money to put towards the new fixtures.

We left the builder basic lights on the front of our garage too. I knew I wanted some goose neck farm lights for the garage. I searched and searched for a good deal and finally came across these. I really like the new look it gave the front of our garage. Again, easy swap with a big impact. 

Paint, paint, paint. True story: one time we bought a house and painted the entire inside. We had a painting party and invited our friends and family. We provided all the paint, rollers, and lots of food. It was a little bit of sweat equity but a lot of fun with everyone helping. Anybody can paint and you will be so happy once you step back and see the change. I am telling you, I have brought back so many outdated rooms and furniture pieces with a can of paint (or spray paint).

I have found paint and light fixtures go a long way in making a big change. Both can be done relatively inexpensive. If you can shop around for a good deal (or use a coupon) on the light fixtures, that will save even more. Also, don’t forget to sell your old fixtures. Sherwin Williams also has a 50% off paint sale a few times a year. Try to plan your projects around this sale. It will save a lot of money too. Anybody can make these two big impact changes.