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Master Bathroom Update with Pfister

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Spectrum Brands, Pfister. Read my full disclosure here.

This project has been such a great experience for me. I learned a lot along the way. I am excited to share how we updated our master bathroom on a budget. Don’t get me wrong I could have torn this whole thing down and started over. Instead, we saved a lot of time and money and worked around what we had. If there is anything I have learned from this bathroom update, it’s that we shouldn’t try to impose what we want things to be. Just embrace what they already are.

So, after much deliberation, we embraced this gray floor tile. Once, I started pairing decor that complimented the tile, it looked a lot better. A great rug also helps! Since we opted to not change the tile, we changed everything else. 🙂 Updating the builder basic fixtures made a huge difference. The Halifax faucets from Pfister are so modern and sleek. They come in three finishes that don’t disappoint. I chose the chrome finish to really make this white counter pop! The install was so simple too. The included pop-up drain made this quick update only take minutes. I am amazed at how such a simple change can make a space look so much more put together and updated.

The bathroom “before” when we bought the house.

I also had the cabinets refinished and put on new matte black hardware. Yes, you can totally mix metals in a room! I like to stick to the rule of using two metals but no more than three in a space. The black and chrome finishes on this vanity complement each other perfectly. Pfister has a variety of fixture finishes available that make customizing simple! Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Although I chose Halifax faucets in chrome, the Contempra matte black towel rings still flow with the design.

I mean just look at these Contempra matte black towel rings! It was love at first sight. They pair so well with the mirrors and cabinet hardware. I love the bold design and modern feel! I also went with the Contempra paper holder for the water closet. Can we talk about how awesome this paper holder is? I think we often underestimate the use of well-made bathroom fixtures. The simple design allows me to easily change toilet paper with just a lift of the bar. No excuses for an empty roll now! 🙂


The Contempra collection is also available in four stunning finishes. The modern contemporary design is just exactly what I was looking for in this bathroom. I did a fun accent wall in this water closet as well. I used the same DIY shelf liner paper from my office reveal. This inexpensive hack is a fun way to add some character to any space. I also decided to add the natural wood floating shelf for extra storage and contrast.

With a little creativity (and our friends at Spectrum Brands), we were able to make this gray tiled/ dark bathroom work after all. I’ll be honest, it was one of the first things I wanted to change when we bought this house. One of the things about buying a pre-existing house is that you get what you get 🙂 . The bathroom got put on the back burner with all the other projects we had going. Now I actually don’t hate it. Just a few cosmetic changes can go a long way. All the Pfister fixtures really make this bathroom feel modern and loved again. Most of all, the bathroom feels more like us. The bathroom really works for our family and now we enjoy it even more.