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Big Girl Room Reveal

We have been moved into our house since August. When we moved in, we decided our little girl was ready for a big girl bed. It took some adjusting for her to get used to a bigger bed. It also took me some adjusting to get around to decorating her room. I went with the same theme as her nursery decor. I am finally ready to share all the details.

So, the crib is actually convertible. We were able to use her crib as her full-size bed. All we had to do is buy the mattress and bedding. I was so happy to have found the perfect color pink bedding at Target. A lot of the decor I already had in her nursery was this peachy pink color. My mother-in-law had made all her crib bedding and curtains from fabrics we had found. I was afraid it would be hard to match for full-size bedding. Leave it to Target to have something perfect. The bedding came in a bag with a comforter, sheets, shams, and a small decorative pillow. The other pillows were made by my mother- in-law for the nursery, and we were able to use them again.

The gallery wall is one of my favorites. I collected a few frames from thrift stores. The majority of the frames came from my Mom. She had so many old frames that were ornate. I spray painted all of them and hung them until I liked the layout. The triangle banner was made by me. The name banner was made by mother-in-law. I decided to drape the banners at the bottom of the gallery. I really like the extra touch they add to the gallery.

Ok, can we talk about this amazing diaper cake? My mother-in-law made it for my baby shower. I could never take it apart. It is just too pretty. I have always used it as a decorative piece in my girl’s room. Even though this is her big girl room, I still think it looks pretty in here. No one really knows it is a diaper cake until I tell them. The side table the cake sits on is from IKEA. I have had it for years and decided to paint it to match the room.

The chandelier is actually a plug-in lamp from Hobby Lobby. The newspaper bows, above the bed, were another decoration my mother-in-law made for the baby shower. Again, too cute to get rid of. We still have a rocking chair in here as well. I am not ready to give up rocking and holding my baby girl just yet.

This room really has a shabby chic feel. My little girl calls it her princess room. I am pretty sure she is happy with how it turned out. I am glad another room is complete in our house. Now, we need to finish all the other rooms in our house.