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Stay Connected With The Latest Posts

Bunk Bed Ideas

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I have been thinking about a cute bunk bedroom for a while now. My daughter has been begging to share a room with her little sister. I have just been waiting until they were old enough. I am still not sold on the idea just yet.

I decided to start looking into ideas of how to make it work. There are so many cute and fun bunks out there. I also thought about two twin beds. However, in the words of a five year, “that is not as fun.” ūüôā

I have found a lot of affordable options and wanted to share some of them with you. I am thinking it will be a twin over a full-size bunk if we decided to go through with the room. She has the cutest flamingo theme going on right now. I am having a hard time deciding if that will stay for the shared room too.

You can click on any of the bed links below to shop some of my finds. I will be sure to keep you updated on what we decided to do!

Bed 1, Bed 2, Bed 3, Bed 4, Bed 5,Bed 6, Bed 7, Bed 8, Bed 9, Bed 10

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Flamingo Art





Vinyl Dots


Orian Rugs

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Orian Rugs. Read my full disclosure here.

Finding a rug that works for our family is hard. There are a lot of requirements. I like light and neutral colored rugs. I also have three young kids (maybe a pet someday). Those two things usually do not go together very well. I need a light colored rug that is durable and can also handle kids. It would help if the rug was also comfortable. Does that even exist?

Well, don’t worry moms and neutral lovers. I found the rug for you! Meet the Jenna Natural Ivory Area Rug from Orian Rugs Boucle Collection. This rug meets all my requirements. The weave¬†is so soft yet durable. It has held extremely well with all the kiddos. I am really impressed. The 100% Polypropylene fibers are virtually non-shedding and stain resistant. The indoor/outdoor versatility is also a bonus. The high low pile really lets the design stand out. I love the crisp dimension that creates such¬†a rich character.

The rug pattern is similar to the Organic Cable Ivory rug that Orian Rugs offers. However, the quality¬†of weave is much softer. It is perfect to use in a bedroom, living area, or even on a patio. I just love that I found a light colored rug I don’t have to worry about. I knew it would be just perfect for my daughter’s room. I mean look at that cute XO pattern in there too!

It is like a cozy cable-knit sweater rolled into a rug. ūüôā The design¬†is truly a¬†perfect fit for this bedroom. The Jenna Area Rug has finished off this room design just the way I envisioned. This rug covers up the dreaded carpet I despise until we can have the flooring replaced in the house. I have been looking to¬†add as many rugs as I can to cover up the carpet that came in this house. Rug shopping can get to be overwhelming, especially¬†online. Orian Rugs takes some of the stress out of that process by offering¬†quality weaves you can count on.

I have a lot more rooms filled with kids that need rugs. I am excited to finally have a reliable source for durable rugs. You can go check out some of their amazing designs at Orian Rugs.

Simple Pink Swan Room

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Urban Walls. Read my full disclosure here.

We decided to sell my oldest little girl’s bedroom set when we moved into this house. It was a little too clunky for the space and she had outgrown the design. I worked with her on figuring out a new arrangement¬†she would like for her room. I am so happy with how this simple swan room turned out and I think she is too.

My little one really wanted a bunk bed but it just wasn’t in the cards for this bedroom. I thought about a trundle bed to compromise but that really didn’t work in here either. After going back to the drawing board we ultimately decided on a simple headboard and nightstands. Her full-size bed worked best this way without having to downsize to a twin. After looking at few themes she ultimately¬†decided on flamingos for her bedroom. I just added some simple touches of flamingos (actually they are pink swans) here and there. The pillow from Home Goods and the cute figurines from Target Dollar Spot.

The main focal point is these super cute Coral Watercolor Polka Dots from Urban Walls. I really wanted to make an accent wall. I thought about some sort of paint design or molding. Honestly, we have so many other projects going on in the house right now. Nobody has time for all that. These Polka Dots are amazing because they are vinyl and easy to put up. They look just like a custom paint job without the price tag¬†and time. This whole wall took me less than ten minutes. No joke! I can’t believe how custom it looks for such little effort.

I am so happy to have another room finished. I love how easy it was to pull this bedroom look together and still have a stylish design. Urban Walls has so many amazing decals that can really make a statement. If you are looking for an easy way to add a ton of character to a room, be sure to check out Urban Walls.

Big Girl Room Reveal

We have been moved into our house since August. When we moved in, we decided our little girl was ready for a big girl bed. It took some adjusting for her to get used to a bigger bed. It also took me some adjusting to get around to decorating her room. I went with the same theme as her nursery decor. I am finally ready to share all the details.

So, the crib is actually convertible. We were able to use her crib as her full-size bed. All we had to do is buy the mattress and bedding. I was so happy to have found the perfect color pink bedding at Target. A lot of the decor I already had in her nursery was this peachy pink color. My mother-in-law had made all her crib bedding and curtains from fabrics we had found. I was afraid it would be hard to match for full-size bedding. Leave it to Target to have something perfect. The bedding came in a bag with a comforter, sheets, shams, and a small decorative pillow. The other pillows were made by my mother- in-law for the nursery, and we were able to use them again.

The gallery wall is one of my favorites. I collected a few frames from thrift stores. The majority of the frames came from my Mom. She had so many old frames that were ornate. I spray painted all of them and hung them until I liked the layout. The triangle banner was made by me. The name banner was made by mother-in-law. I decided to drape the banners at the bottom of the gallery. I really like the extra touch they add to the gallery.

Ok, can we talk about this amazing diaper cake? My mother-in-law made it for my baby shower. I could never take it apart. It is just too pretty. I have always used it as a¬†decorative¬†piece in my girl’s room. Even though this is her big girl room, I still think it looks pretty in here. No one really knows it is a diaper cake until I tell them. The side table the cake sits on is from IKEA. I have had it for years and decided to paint it to match the room.

The chandelier is actually a plug-in lamp from Hobby Lobby. The newspaper bows, above the bed, were another decoration my mother-in-law made for the baby shower. Again, too cute to get rid of. We still have a rocking chair in here as well. I am not ready to give up rocking and holding my baby girl just yet.

This room really has a shabby chic feel. My little girl calls it her princess room. I am pretty sure she is happy with how it turned out. I am glad another room is complete in our house. Now, we need to finish all the other rooms in our house.