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Magnolia Home Chalk Style Paint

The following post is sponsored by Magnolia Home and KILZ. Read my full disclosure here.

I was beyond excited when I received this happy mail! KILZ and Magnolia Home sent me this box full of goodies to try. KILZ recently partnered with Joanna Gaines to make a line of chalk style paint, wax, and brushes. As part of the goodie box, they were so kind to also send me an autographed book, bookmark, apron, cute bag, wooden crate, and a sanding block.

I have been wanting to read The Magnolia Story since it came out. When I saw that Chip and Joanna had autographed my book, I did a little (or extremely big) happy dance. As I took the next few days to read their story, I loved every minute of it. Chip and Joanna share the trials and success that lead them to Fixer Upper. It really is a genuine and honest account that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Ok, back to the chalk paint. I was so excited that KILZ was working with Magnolia Home to make this paint. We all know how much I love my KILZ spray primer. It is my one and only go-to primer for all my projects. I just love their products. I knew that this would have to be a good paint if it came from KILZ. I was excited to dive in and test it out. The color they sent me is called Shiplap. It is a beautiful white color. Not too gray or yellow. A really soft and true white in my opinion.  I received this cute wooden crate that was made from a local Waco Texas artisan. The crate came stained and I honestly had a hard time bringing myself to paint that beautiful wood. I love white and I knew I would love it painted just as much. I have done a lot of chalk paint projects in my DIY years. Including my piano that I ended up using my own homemade chalk paint to finish.

As you can see, the first coat gave really awesome coverage. It didn’t give off hardly any odor. My nose was a little stuffy from some sinuses though. I am not sure if that had anything to do with it. However, chalk style paint is usually pretty low in odor anyways. After the second coat, the crate looked really good. That was all it took. Two quick coats of this chalk style paint. The coverage was really good. The brushes were like butter. I have been needing new paint brushes and these were top notch quality. I love the black handle and the bristles were silky smooth creating a really clean finish.

I decided to lightly distress some of the edges. The stained wood showing through gives it some fun character. I didn’t want too much distressing. So, I lightly sanded a few spots with the sanding block to get this look. I decided to use the clear wax to seal it all in. I wiped it on with a clean lint-free rag. I buffed it out and it gave the crate a velvety smooth finish. The wax was really easy to work with. I used a different brand with my piano that was a lot harder to work with. It was an orange finishing wax that ended up turning some spots orange. I am happy to report the Magnolia clear wax worked a lot better.

This was such an easy product to work with. I was able to finish the crate from beginning to end in just 2 hours. It really took only about 20 minutes to actually apply and the rest was dry time. It all comes down to whether or not I would buy this or recommend Magnolia Chalk Style Paint. Is it worth the money? Does it work? Yes, yes, and yes! It isn’t as cheap as some other brands but you get what you pay for. This is quality chalk style paint that gives great coverage. They have so many other colors to choose from. The brushes are fantastic and I would definitely use this again.


A big thank you to Joanna and Chip at Magnolia Home as well as KILZ Paint for sending me such a fun box of products to try. I am excited to paint more projects and use this amazing chalk style paint!