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Color Of The Year 2018

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Photo courtesy of Pantone.

Pantone color of the year for 2018 is Ultra Violet. I am always surprised by the new fun color they pick. I am already brainstorming ideas of how to add touches of this color to my decor. My neutral loving heart is a bit reluctant to be this bold. However, I wanted t share a few subtle ways you can add this color to any home.

My first thought was flowers. I found this image below on domino and thought it was the perfect blend of neutral and bold. Flowers are an easy way to test out the color in your home. You can see the color with your decor without really committing to anything permanent.


Photo courtesy of


A painting is another way I think you can add subtle touches of Ultra Violet to a space. This painting on Horchow is exactly what I was looking for. The mix of neutral and hints of Violet are the perfect blend to ease into this color. I think this is a great piece that can fit into any decor as well.


Photo courtesy of Horchow

Ok, I know this is a little bold. But, if you are feeling brave you could try out a fun pop like this lamp. It is a definite statement piece. However, it can easily be changed out when you feel like you have had enough. Another fun versatile piece that allows you to have a small pop of the color of the year.


Photo courtesy of Lamps Plus


Hopefully, these are some ideas that will allow you to dabble in this year’s color of the year without a lot of commitment. It is always fun to try new things and styles that bring a new perspective to a room. Who knows? You may like the change and fresh new accent in your home.