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Simple Christmas

Last year I decided to sell my flocked tree and get a natural-looking, simple Christmas tree. I just wanted to keep things minimal. I loved the simplicity so much I decided to stick with the same green, black, white, and wood theme this year. It feels really good when all your Christmas decor can fit into a few plastic bins. Don’t get me wrong, I have way more than a few plastic bins of Christmas decor. However, the decor I have used the past few years can all fit into a few bins. Maybe it’s time to get rid of the rest of the decor I am not using?

We have just been living in the nicest little spot our family let us use (more like takeover šŸ™‚ ) until we find the right property to buy. It’s newly remodeled with new, flooring, paint, kitchen, cabinets, tile, and everything! I wish I had pics of the before to share. A real great blessing to have such an awesome spot to stay while figuring out our next move. For now, I will just share a few peeks of the simple Christmas decor I put up in the living room.

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Christmas Gift Guide

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosureĀ here.

You can shop some of my favoriteĀ gifts for Christmas. I use a ton of these on a daily basis and have got some of them for my family. I tried to include something for everyone. You can click on any of the links below to shop. I hope you find this helpful for all the last minute people on your list!


1.Nike sweatshirt– so soft and cozy. Always on Repeat

2. Boots– Comes in three colors and great for winter.

3. Pots & Pans– This set is a crazy good price for all the pieces.

4. Throw– The cutest details that anyone will love.

5. Nike Shoes– The most comfortable shoes you can wear all day.

6. Yoga pants My mom uniform every day.

7.Shoes–Ā These are so cute for all the holiday parties.

8. Joggers– These look and feel like butter!


1.Shoes– staple piece in a wardrobe.

2. Pullover– A casual sporty look.

3. Shirt– A great dressy look on clearance for a steal.

4.Grooming Kit– Every guy uses these but this one is the best!

5.Pants– Best fit and style for any guy.

6. Book– great for the men or women.


1.Game– My kids love this game!

2. Game– This one is a big deal with the 10-year-old.

3.Camera– I even love this one!

4.Art Jar– Something to pull out any time for everyone.

5.Hover Board– Older kids are entertained for hours.

6.Video Game– This a big deal on the Christmas list this year.

Neighbors/ Teachers

1.Treat– I love this stuff.

2. Hot Chocolate- Comes in the cutest lantern to reuse.

3.Mini Bread– I use this to bake up a bunch of mini size loaves to give out.

4.Cookie– All wrapped cute and ready to hand out.

5.Thermos– This is the best one that keepsĀ things hot/cold the longest. I have tried so many!


1.Wreath– This is so adorable!

2. Glass House-A great little gift to dress up or down for the home.

3. Trees– These are so stylish and affordable!

4.Tassels– Everybody needs these. Great to put anywhere!

5. Chair– We all know how much I love this chair and the price.

6. Coffee Table– You can’t beat the price on this stylish piece.

7. Book– This is my favorite.

A lot of these items are on sale and have free shipping. Some even have free two-day shipping. Finding gifts for everyone on the list can be tricky. Enjoy the best time of year. Merry Christmas!


Last Minute Gift Ideas

The following post containsĀ affiliate links.

Christmas is in less than two weeks. I am still working on getting a few final gifts. However, I got most of my shopping done before Black Friday. I thought I would put together a list of last-minute gift ideas that include a few of my go-to gifts.

You can never go wrong with a pedicure or massage for the ladies in your life. Some people think it is impersonal and not very thoughtful. Are you kidding me? I would take pedicure or massage any day and twice on Sunday. Come on! Trust me, it is the perfect relaxing gift for the ladies in your life. In fact, my toes look scary right now. Santa- I need a pedicure!

My next last-minute gift is movie tickets. Who doesn’t love the movies? Every time Mr. Whitelane and I go, it seems to get more expensive. It is always nice to have a gift card or tickets to use. It makes a great date night for couples. If you want to go the extra mile, wrap the tickets up with a refillable mug from the theater and some candy.

Have you heard of the Dollar Shave Club? It is seriously so cool. You can get your first set of razors for just $1. That includes 4 cartridges and a handle that ships all free. After that first month, it is only a few bucks a month. You can cancel or pause your service at any time. This is not just for men. Ladies shave too. You can pick which blade you like best along with any grooming products as well. It is all delivered to your front door each month.

I have talked about Hello Fresh before and have used their services many times. I think it is so convenient and I love not having to think about meal planning. You pick how many people are in your family along with vegan or meat options. Hello Fresh then sends you meals for as many days as you chose that week. No measuring or shopping. Everything delivered cold in pre- measured packages to your front door. All you do is follow the included recipe with the ingredients provided. We have really liked every meal. Some meals are stuff we would never have tried and ended up loving. The best part is that we have the recipe to make it again anytime we want. Dinner delivered to your front door with fresh ingredients? Sounds like a great gift to me!

Finally, I think Amazon Echo makes a great gift for anyone in your life. Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service to provide a wide variety of hands-free operations. This device can play music, read news, tell you the weather, sports scores, read audio books and much more. It can even be programmed to adjust lights in your house as well as thermostats. Turn any house into a smart house. I really want one for myself! Santa, if you are reading thisā€¦

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas for those last minute gifts on your list. Now hurry and get to shopping before Santa comes!