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Lily Jade Giveaway + Anna Backpack Review

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Lily Jade. Read my full disclosure here.

I feel like if this entire post was just pictures, this bag would speak for itself. Just in case, I will tell you all the amazing features. Don’t forget to check out the giveaway at the end of this post too! I am all about having my Lily Jade on my arm (or back) for all the occasions. The Anna is a new design to Lily Jade. I have to say, it just keeps getting better. No detail is left unthought.

This is the Lily Jade Anna Backpack in medium camel and gold. I don’t even know where to start with this gem. I was so excited to get this new fun backpack style. Don’t forget that all of the Lily Jade bags convert to a backpack with the included detachable strap. This is my first Lily Jade that has the backpack strap pre-anchored. Just in case you were wondering, Anna also comes with a detachable messenger carry strap. That strap allows this bag to function as a messenger style or on the shoulder as well. There is also the convenient grab and go handle on the top.

The hardest part is choosing a color. This Anna comes is pink leather and black nylon in addition to the camel leather. There is even a large size Anna too! This Anna is really like two bags in one. The front is where I keep things for my kids. The back is all mine though. I like having these two separate zipped sides that both have interior storage slots. The signature jade lining is plush and not cheap rough nylon. The durable lining makes organizing and grabbing items easy.

The deep outside drink pockets are a life saver. They actually fit a large water bottle and necessities. The gold zipper and anchor details really pop against the premium grade tumbled leather. No two bags are the same because Lily Jade gives you a tumbled full grain leather. No stamps or artificial patterns. Lily Jade is the real deal! Even the cute little tassel is double sided leather instead of having one raw unfinished side. That cute bead is a natural Aventurine stone. It’s all in the details people.

I am all about things that last. Quality is a big deal on things that I love. Lily Jade is one of those things that is built to last. They tuck in the leather on handles, straps, and pocket edges so that I don’t have edge paint that will wear and crack over time. There are even metal feet on this cute Anna so I don’t have to worry about where I set my bag.

There is really nothing else I would rather have by my side (except my kids and hubby ūüôā ). This Anna is the perfect little bag for everyday or travel. There is no better investment than a Lily Jade. I know I will be able to enjoy all my Lily Jade pieces for years to come. Although this Anna is super stylish and cute, it is also dependable with unmatched quality. Two thumbs up from this mama.

Even when my kids are done with needing a diaper bag, I know the Anna will still look amazing. I will get to have her all to myself. Every detail was thought out and I could not be happier with this amazing design!

White Lane Decor + Lily Jade Summer 2019 Giveaway!

Lily Jade Giveaway

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Lily Jade. Read my full disclosure here.

Ok, the day has come. I have graduated from a frumpy boring mom to a cool mom. My kids may still not think so and honestly, I may not be that cool. ūüėČ That’s okay because at least I look the part with my new Shaylee Diaper Bag from Lily Jade. The good news is that you can be a cool mom too. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to enter the GIVEAWAY.

I don’t know when it happened. Actually, yes I do know. Somewhere¬†between kid number one and three I gave up. You know what I am saying? Of course not because I know you are all too cool and always stay on top of things. But for me, I just got into a frump of survival¬†mode. Also known as a “mombie.” It happens to the best of us. One day I was all trendy and then next day I was cleaning up poop and cheerios. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that either. It is all a part of the seasons of life we pass through.

Diaper bags became an ugly bottomless pit of stuff. Sometimes you could find what you needed in that mess of a bag and others times not so much. A catch-all¬†for the “just in case” moments of motherhood. Oh yeah, and it was my purse too. So, yes in that baby bag of a disaster there was a wallet, lip gloss (if I was lucky), keys, and few other essentials. Just a big hot mess that I dreaded to take places. In fact, I would usually¬†leave it in the car at all costs. Then I would have to make the dreaded trip back to the car if I needed anything out of that diaper bag. Gosh, it was bad. Realllllll bad!

At a low point, I will admit to dumping everything into a Wal-Mart sack. Ask Mr. Whitelane about that one. Not good people. I needed a diaper bag, purse, and style all in one. What if I told you that existed? It really does and you can graduate with me!

Meet Shaylee. She is this sophisticated and has so many features. There is a removable, washable 12 pocket organizer with two small handles that tuck away when not in use. It is like two bags in one. A diaper bag within a purse. I can simply pull this organizer out with all my baby stuff when I don’t have the kids. Then Shaylee becomes my cute purse.

Let’s talk about all the ways you can wear this bag. It can be worn the shoulder, as a messenger bag, or as a backpack. I have worn this Shaylee in every position and love how versatile it can be with kids. The cute tassel is major eye candy. All the compartments and pockets are perfect for quick access to my go-to needs. The naturally tanned leather is absolutely stunning!


This bag is sophisticated and grows with me. So, guess what? When my kids are out of diapers and I just need a purse, this beauty is all mine. Out goes the organizer with diapers and bottles. This versatile bag can transition for each stage of life. I love that it is made out of real leather that can last for years to come. The perfect mom bag for every day.


Ok, this Shaylee has saved me from my slump. It is super stylish while being functional to meet all my mommy needs. Hallelejuah! Even if I am in a t-shirt and sweats I still feel put together with my Lily Jade on my arm. It really keeps me organized and looking like I know what I am doing. Hey, even if I am winging life, motherhood, and the day most of the time.

I am glad I have Shaylee on my back making me look cool doing my “mommin.” ūüôā You can win a beautiful bag for yourself too. Enter the giveaway HERE for a $375 Lily Jade Credit.¬†Lily Jade has so many beautiful styles from diaper bags to lifestyle¬†and travel totes. Be sure to go see more at Lily Jade.