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I never thought I would have a cute organized pantry. There are just so many other rooms that need attention in plain sight. At least with the pantry, I can shut the door and no one else can see the mess. That all changed one day, when I got a wild hair and some leftover decals. Warning, graphic before photo below. 😉

I used these watercolor polka dots in my daughter’s room. I still had an entire sheet of dots left after doing her wall. After looking in my pantry and the all the clutter, I decided it was time to make it cute. I already had everything I needed except some bins to organize.

After a quick trip to IKEA to get some bins for everything, I got busy cleaning up. I went through to declutter things that had been on the top shelf and stuffed in the pantry for a while. It was amazing all the things I didn’t really need or even know I had. 🙂 After I had everything organized into bins, I stuck some labels on them.  Next, I put up the polka dots. As I have mentioned before, the decals are such an easy quick way to add character to any room. They go on and peel off just like a sticker.

Wow! Some organizing, bins, and wall decals made such a huge difference. I couldn’t stop there though. That boob light was killing my vibe. I found an inexpensive pendant to complete this cute little pantry makeover. The black star pendant really pops against the polka dot walls in this intimate space. I even added a few LED pucks for extra lighting between shelving.

Is it acceptable to hide in here and eat chocolate after every meal? Don’t mind if I do. Some girls have a she shed. I have a pantry. 🙂 Having a cute pantry is a lot easier than you think. It was completely worth the few hours of organizing. I wish I would have done it sooner.