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Stay Connected With The Latest Posts

Just checking in to say hi! It’s moving time. Well, moving week actually. Getting everything moved in one day is a miracle. Packing and moving are not fun. If you think it is then please get over here and help. 🙂 It’s all worth it to be in our own house again. I can’t wait to get started on making this our home.

In fact, we haven’t wasted any time. We are well into updating the kitchen. If you follow along on my Instagram you can see some sneak peeks of the progress. I am in the middle of picking out some of the finishes. What do you think about this hardware and backsplash? I have a few more samples coming before I decided. I show how it all comes together.

I will be a little buried in boxes for the next little bit but I will be back soon to share updates and all the projects. Also, be sure to follow and like my new Facebook page. I had to switch over to this new one, White Lane Decor, due to some issues with the old one. I would love to have you go so hi over there.

In the meantime, I will be moving, unpacking, and doing all the things. 🙂