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Today I am giving you a sneak peek into the master bedroom at the new house. I thought it would be fun to show you some of the plans we have for the space. There is a short list and a long-term list for this room as well as the rest of the house. To be honest, I am not sure this room is even on the shortlist. 🙂 I will probably start on the main floor and work my way up with projects. Nonetheless, I am sharing our big and small plans for our master bedroom.

The main thing I love about our bedroom is the size and natural light. Look at all those windows! Well, they are great for photographing but not so much for sleeping. Definitely going to need some blackout curtains. All the natural light flowing in makes this room feel bright, big, and open. It also helps that the size of the room is pretty large to start with. In fact, I believe it is the largest master we have ever had in our marriage. A ton of space to work with.

All these photos of the bedroom are from the previous owners with their furniture. Bear with me on my doodles and preliminary design ideas. They are very rough and just a fun doodle to give you the gist. I know, I know….I should have been an artist. 🙂 The shortlist for this room begins with easy updates. I will be swapping out the fan for a lower profile fixture that is neutral and fits my color scheme. Next, I will get my large tufted bed centered between those two small windows. Beneath the windows, I will be putting large nightstands that fit the width of the wall better. All the windows will be getting curtain rods and curtains. Then a large area rug will go beneath the bed and extend out under a large bench at the foot of the bed. I am also thinking a large full-length mirror leaned against the wall by the door. The other wall not shown in the pictures will have a dresser. That same wall has the entrance to the master bathroom.

The long list includes getting rid of this carpet. Someday I would like to replace it all with a luxury vinyl plank flooring (way down the road). Carpet and kids just don’t mix at my house. I would also love to swap out the blind for shutters or custom roller shades. Finally, fill all those walls with a lot of trim work.

Most of the changes are cosmetic and easy. Once the short list items are finished, I think that will have the biggest impact. Furniture and lighting can have a huge effect on a room. Lucky me, the walls are already white! Can’t wait to show you more soon.