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The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by dHp Furniture. Read my full disclosure here.

This living room is great because it’s a similar layout to our previous home. It is a nice open room with a fireplace centered on the focal wall. The large window allows plenty of natural light and makes the room feel bigger. We have a lot of plans for the living room such as new flooring and window coverings. However, those plans have been put on the back burner while we work on finishing the basement. The kitchen was also a higher priority so that means this room got the least amount of love.

I wanted to create a space that we could still enjoy now. I know a lot of people think it may be silly if you plan on making changes later. Why not just leave it untouched until you can have it the way you want? Well, I say why not enjoy the space you have now? Create a beautiful budget friendly space you can utilize until the day you make changes.

So, that is exactly what I decided to do with this living room. First, I had the fireplace refinished in a paint to match the kitchen cabinets. Wow, the power of paint never ceases to amaze me. I also love that this fireplace has a fun little hearth to sit on while getting warm. Next, I hung curtains. You can find my tutorial on very inexpensive pinch pleat curtains here. I (Mr. Whitelane really did this) also replaced the ceiling fan with a low profile updated fan. Then I decided to use two inexpensive Besta storage units from IKEA and jazz them up with new knobs. All of these changes really helped make this living room feel like it was for our family. It was starting to feel like our own style.

Let’s be honest, the real beauties in this room are the Ivana Tufted Futons. I know what your thinking….futons? You would never be able to tell these beautiful sofas are actually futons! Now that we have three kids, our four bedroom house is pretty full when visitors come. These futons are such a great way to save space and pull double duty. There are so many different pieces that dHp Furniture has to choose from. A lot of the furniture they offer works with a small budget while being highly functional.

I really fell in love with the modern tapered wooden legs on the Ivana Tufted Futon. The tufted velvet is so sleek and classy as well. This futon comes in blue, green, and gray too. I was really wanting to be bold and try the blue or green. They really look stunning on You know my neutral loving heart just couldn’t commit and I ended up choosing the tan velvet.

I decide to do two separate sofas because I felt like a sectional would cut the room off. I am all for keeping things as open as possible. These two futons sitting across from each other really make a statement and keep the room feeling airy. I also have to tell you that this futon has a split-back design seating that can be independently lowered into lounging or sleeping position. It is like the sofa that keeps giving. So many hidden features you don’t even realize at first glance. If I am being honest, I really just fell in love with the modern and sleek design. Finding out it was also able to configure into multiple positions such as sitting, lounging, and sleeping was a bonus.

The Ivana Tufted Futons really finished off this room while creating highly functional seating for our family. My kids just love how soft the velvet upholstery feels. I really love how easy it is to wipe clean. A perfect fit for my design. I definitely love this space now. Who knows? Maybe the living room will stay just the way it is. Be sure to visit dHp Furniture for more inspiration and create a space you love right now!