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I have fireplaces on the brain lately. A project I have been working on has me searching everywhere for just the right mantel and tile combo. There are so many options and it really depends on personal preference. However, with all the design trends out there, I thought I would share a few of my favorites.

Farmhouse/ modern farmhouse is still huge this year. Thanks to Joanna Gaines, that style is not going anywhere. I love a cute farmhouse fireplace just as much as the next person. If farmhouse is the style of your house then it is a no-brainer that a farm style mantel is just what your house needs. There are so many different options within the farmhouse genre. I really love white painted brick with a contrasting light wood mantel to break it up. A fun modern twist is adding shiplap all the way around the fireplace and up to the ceiling. I love the clean lines and simplicity of the shiplap with another light wood mantel to finish it off. It really makes a sharp modern statement.

Then there is tile. Oh, my goodness where do I start with tile? There are about a million different options for tile and mantel combos. The hand-painted cement tiles with unique colors and bold designs are very popular. I think they are cute. Could I look at them every day and not get tired of the pattern? I don’t know. It would be great if you could easily switch them out for something more neutral or less attention-grabbing when you got sick of them. It just doesn’t work that way. Unless you are a contractor. 🙂 It sure is trendy. If you must do the cement tiles then choose timeless pieces to surround it. The cement tile below paired with this classic mantel and decor is the perfect way to make this cement tile work.

In my house, I went traditional craftsman. I chose a marble hexagon tile and white craftsmen mantel. It’s safe and pretty. We put shiplap above the fireplace to add some more character. Another safe and timeless option that is visually simple.

The tile options are endless. Subway tile is classic but it takes a modern twist in gray with this simple unique mantle below. It’s clean and fresh while still being on the cuffs of modern and traditional. Just a little bit of both styles make this fireplace a fun change and fresh approach.

Stucco and concrete fireplaces are also a great option. They are durable and make a great statement. They are not your typical fireplace and you sure don’t see them in every home. The clean finish of stucco blends seamlessly with the walls. I really like the pop of the herringbone insert on this fireplace below.

There are countless combinations of tile and mantels. Hopefully, some of these fireplaces gave you some fun ideas to get your design started. It sure has been fun thinking about all the possibilities for my latest project. I hope to share more about it soon!