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I get so many questions about what type of flooring we have in our house. I want to answer as many questions as I can in this post. We have had the flooring for almost a year and I am giving the full disclosure on my thoughts about this floor.

We decided to go with a laminate wood for many reasons. Laminate does not scratch as easily as real wood. Think about kids, pets, and all the traffic they give a floor.  It also is much more cost effective than real wood. You do not have to wait for the laminate to acclimate to the environment before installing. Laminate is better at handling wet spills than wood flooring as well.

When we built our house I had a hard time deciding on the color of flooring. The entire main floor is wood flooring and the upstairs is carpet. I needed something that flowed with the carpet color. I also did not want something very dark that would show a lot of dirt. We have kids and I don’t like mopping every day. 🙂 The flooring also could not be too light for the same reason. We ended up choosing Armstrong Reserve Premium X- Grain Heather Gray laminate wood flooring. The perfect medium color. I love the rich gray/brown tones this floor has. It really won me over with the white wash it has over those tones.

After almost a year of having the flooring, I still love it! I know the style has gone to really light wood flooring. I almost regretted not going lighter. Then I quickly don’t when it is cleaning day. I realize that my floors hide so much of the messes our family track onto them. They have held up great to all the traffic from our kids as well. My daughter can roller blade, bang toys, ride her scooter, and so much more without me worrying about scratches and dents. The flooring is easy to clean and keep clean. I really don’t have any complaints about our choice. If I missed any of your questions just leave a comment below!