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I have seen some of the cutest barstools/side chairs popping up on Pinterest and Instagram. I thought I would take a minute to share some of my favorites with you. These French Bistro Rattan chairs are usually found at high-end cafes across Europe. They have now found their way to kitchen designs across America. They also tend to lend a coastal vibe to a space with their wicker and rattan construction. This kitchen below by Studio McGee is the perfect example of how these chairs can really define a space.

For the longest time the main place I found these barstools were on Serena and Lily. They are very pricey on their site and would be a large investment. One investment that I am not sure I would make with smaller children using them daily. Especially since with wicker or plastic seats, I can see my kids easily poking scissors or pencils straight through. As this style of the chair became more popular, more options have become available.

Sika Design offers a wide variety of chairs and barstools in this style. While there are more options to choose from, they still come with a price tag. The other day I was at Home Goods and found two black and white French Bistro side chairs. They were heavenly and only $89.99 a piece. I stood there for a long time wanting to take those babies home with me. The problem is that there were only two. What would I do with two? I have no spot for only two chairs like that. They were such a good price though. Be sure to keep an eye out at your local Home Goods and T.J. Maxx for these French Bistro chairs at a killer price. Maybe you can find more than just two.

Wayfair also has come out with some fun colorful options as well. These are not my favorite because I love something more neutral. If I am going to spend that much money on chairs, I want them to fit into any decor. The bold colors can limit your design options. They would be fun on a screened in patio or porch. I have read in multiple descriptions that these types of chairs are not made to stay outside year round. They should not be left out in harsh weather conditions such a rain and direct sunlight. So, these French Bistro chairs can be a little high maintenance for an outdoor chair. I do also love these side Bistro Chairs from Wayfair. They are more neutral and a great price for a set of two.

Williams Sonoma has also come out with a beautiful Parisian Bistro Chair. I am loving the classic black and white woven detail of this chair. However, the blue is also a beautiful coastal feel. They have matching barstools as well. A big investment at this price point. Williams Sonoma does have frequent coupons and sales that pop up. Be sure to sign for their emails for the latest coupon. 

What do you think? Is the French Bistro chair for you? I love the look but I question the durability with my kids. I will stick to a solid surface chair for now.