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I finally joined the club and got fiddle leaf fig tree. I know that real fiddle leaf trees are very tricky to keep healthy and alive. We all know that I can’t even keep my succulent alive. So, there really was not an option other than a faux fiddle leaf for me. They are just too expensive for my not so green thumb to try.

Even the faux fiddles can get quite pricey. When I first started looking, I was surprised at how different they can look. Some look extremely fake and others can be a lot more realistic. I also was surprised at all the different heights for the price point. After scouring the web and doing a ton of “research”, I found my fiddle leaf.

I was really worried about ordering one online. I wanted to be able to return it to the store if it was hideous in person. I didn’t want to have to pay additional shipping fees to send the tree back. However, I ended up doing exactly what I wanted to avoid. I ordered from an online only store and crossed my fingers. The tree was by far the best price, most realistic, and tallest for the price point. The reviews and pictures looked good and at $50 for a five-foot fiddle, I went for it.

When It arrived, I was not at all impressed. I instantly regretted ordering online. The only way it was going back is if I paid shipping fees. By that time, I might as well keep the tree for the price I paid. So, I started spreading the leaves and working with what I got. It started to shape up. I went to Target and grabbed an inexpensive basket and green moss to set the tree in.

By the time I got it all setup and played with it, the tree started to grow on me. It looked better than I thought after all. It really just needed some shaping and a cute basket to bring it all to life. The trunk looks extremely realistic and the front of the leaves do as well. I made sure to turn the leaves front facing as best I could. The back of the leaf gives away the fact that it is faux. For the price and height, I ended up not being disappointed with this little gem.