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Today is one of those days. I woke up all night long. I finally woke up for the day at 5 a.m (but I layed there until my kids came busting through the bedroom door). I ran around all day just trying to keep up with life. Mr. Whitelane was out of town. I finally sit down to share this blog post, and my kids get out of bed every 5 minutes. My eyes are burning, my feet are freezing (winter is coming), and Chic-Fil-A nuggets are not very filling. 🙂 So, as I sit here stuffing popcorn in my face, I am so ready to share our entry and woodwork.20160805_072504

When we started getting in the final stages of our house, the project list started. I wanted to get a few things done right away. Diederich Construction finished the basement in our townhouse. I knew I wanted to use Diederich Construction for our entry, crown molding, and window casing too. Troy does amazing finish work.20160805_120946

I had a hard time deciding what kind of wood work I wanted for the entry. I thought about board and batten, picture frame molding, and shiplap. I love all three options. I decided to go with shiplap wrapped around all the walls of the entry. I thought it would add the most character without being overwhelming. I also figured it would be good to go ahead and case the front room opening, shiplap above the fireplace, and put crown molding around the living room. While Troy had his equipment on site, we might as well do as much as we can. Painters also had to come. So, we wanted to get as much wood work done, making it easy to all be painted at once. Our priority was the main floor. I still have a lot more wood work I want to have done in this house. However, this turned out really great, for now. 🙂


 I am kind of obssesed with the view out of our back windows and deck. It is a huge open green field and to the left (not pictured) is the lake and mountiains, right out of the kitchen sink window.



We had this done right after we closed. The first few weeks were a still a construction zone in this house. I am so happy with how it turned out. I am glad we knocked out a few projects at the beginning. Be sure to check back in a few weeks to see these spaces deorated for Christmas.