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I can not believe Thanksgiving is in a few days. WHAT!? How did that happen? I feel like it was just Halloween yesterday. It feels like the Holidays always sneak up on me. I know I have had my Christmas decorations up for a while (I won’t say a specific date). I was still hoping I would have more time for gift shopping. I try to get everything done before the madness of Black Friday. It doesn’t help that Mr. Whitelane and I celebrate our anniversary on the 24th. Then there is Thanksgiving, my little boy’s birthday is Dec. 16th, and of course Christmas. We have way too much to celebrate in such a little time.

I wanted to get something useful for Mr.Whitelane for our anniversary. We have been married nine years. I was starting to run out of ideas. Then, I remembered how much he loved my JORD wood watch. He really does not comment on something unless he means it. Mr. Whitelane mentioned he would wear my watch if it fit him (back in the summer). LIGHT BULB! He has been needing a new watch too. His broke about a year ago and we hadn’t replaced it yet.

I went to the JORD Wood Watch website to look at all the unique timepieces. I have the Frankie Series Zebrawood and Champagne. I feel like it is a real unisex timepiece. When I saw the Frankie Series Koa and Ash, I knew it was the perfect watch for Mr. Whitelane. I thought he would love the Ash color face. I think it adds just a touch of masculine to the beautiful piece.

I know a wood watch is already such a unique gift, but I didn’t want to stop there. I mean, this gift was going to be for our anniversary AND Christmas. It was going to be pulling double gift duty. So, it had to be perfect. JORD Wood Watches now offers wood engraving! A watch engraving would add the personal touch I was looking for. JORD can engrave the back plate of the following series: Fieldcrest, Reece, Frankie35, Frankie, and Conway. The cost of engraving is $35.00, and you can choose block or script engraving. JORD can engrave the side of the cedar wood presentation box that the watch comes in. The cost of engraving is $45.00 and you can choose block or script engraving.For character limitations, please visit their websiteEngraving will extend your delivery time by up to 7 business days so plan accordingly, customization is not a last minute thing!

Good thing I planned ahead, with plenty of time for the engraved gift. I decided to engrave the wood presentation box because I could fit more characters on there. I had JORD engrave “Forever, For Always, and No Matter What!” This quote is special because it goes back to when we got engaged. Over nine year ago, Mr. Whitelane took me to eat at a cafe. He got up to go to the bathroom and came back with a cute decorative sign. The sign had a big bow on it and said, “Forever, For Always, and No Matter What!” I was not very excited at first. I did not see the ring that was tied to the bow on the sign. When I noticed that, I got real excited, and the rest is history. He had big plans to purpose on a ski lift the night before but I ended up not being able to go. So, this quote has been the motto for our marriage.

JORD is giving all of you a gift code towards your own engraved gift. Use this link to enter your email address and instantly be emailed a $25 gift code towards your JORD Wood Watch purchase. I am so happy with Mr. Whitlane’s watch engraving. It really is the perfect unique gift idea. Hurry and go get yours!