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Thanksgiving is over, which means it is time for Christmas. So, I can officially start showing you all my Christmas decor. I started decorating well before Thanksgiving. I just love how my house feels with the glow and sparkle of all the Christmas decorations. I had to keep it neutral and I just love how it turned out. Although, seeing all the traditional red and green, got me thinking about doing those colors one year.

I took tons of pictures because I wanted to share all this Christmas cheer. I had to decorate my entry table. A lot of the decor I have had for years. Some of the decor I got on clearance after Christmas in years past. The big nutcracker and glitter key is from Tai Pain Trading. The set of glitter logs are from At Home Furniture. All the gold and silver bottle brush trees are from Target dollar spot. The believe sign and other Christmas trees on the table are from Hobby Lobby. The smaller village houses are from Michaels and the larger is from Wal-Mart.

Last year, I got some basic green wreaths on clearance after Christmas from Michaels. They had big ugly red bows on them. I ended up getting them for about $1.00 each. This year I sprayed some fake snow on them. I took the big red bow off and hung them with some faux fur ribbon. It really does pay to shop the clearance after each holiday and use it for the next year.

My mom got me this sign from Desert Book. “Are you part of the Inn crowd or are you one of the stable few?” It is the perfect colors of white and champagne. I just love the meaning as well. These stockings I have had for a few years. I wish I would have got at least one more. When you find stockings you like, always buy extra. I have searched everywhere to find these again. I also can’t find new ones that I like enough to replace these. So, I just have an odd number for now.

The theme for the tree and most of the decor is white, champagne, gold, and silver. I was worried that some of the colors wouldn’t blend well. It is really hard to find the right color of champagne colored decor. However, the tree and everything really turned out great. I think the colors meshed well. I was so excited about my first year with a flocked tree. I got it on clearance a few years ago from Home Decorators Collection. This is the first year I was able to use it and get it out of the box.It was not as full as I like my trees to be, but I just added a little extra filler ornaments.

I will be very sad to take all this down. I really love enjoying the decor for as long as possible. I love neutral and hopefully, you did too. Maybe another year I will throw some color in here.