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Three Sinks or Three Ovens

If you could have three sinks or three ovens what would your choose? What if you had both? šŸ™‚ We spent some time last week in one of our favorite places to visit. The house we stayed in had three sinks and three ovens. My husband and I could do dishes side by side in our very own sinks. Haha, it was kind of awesome. There were two dishwashers too.

I don’t know if I would do three separate ovens in my own house but it sure was nice for a vacation rental. Maybe just a larger professional oven and range. There was even a huge hood with ample ventilation for all the ovens. I have to say the best part was the indoor pool and playhouse. Having a pool all to ourselves right outside the house was so nice! The icing on the cake was the indoor playhouses with a connecting catwalk and slide. Now that is something I could totally see putting in my own house someday. The kids just loved every minute of it!

There is nothing like the mountain views with beautiful blue water. Such a peaceful place. We even found some blue crab legs on the shore with seagulls and shells.Ā  Although it is so fun to get away, nothing beats coming home. Even though our plans are ever-changing and our home is temporary, we still love it! We are still searching for our homestead and enjoying the process God has in store for our family. Sometimes we make plans and we hear God laughing (name that song šŸ™‚ ). You never know what’s in store but you can still enjoy getting there. That’s just what we plan to do.