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Star Wars Room Reveal With Filament Lighting

The following post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by Filament Lighting. Read my full disclosure here.

My son has been asking for a ceiling fan in his room since we moved into this house a few months ago. In our last house, we had a ceiling fan in every single room. Mr. Whitelane loves to have moving air constantly circulating. We built our previous house, so it was an easy accommodation to have fans everywhere. I guess my little boy takes after his dad because he noticed there was not a ceiling fan in his new bedroom. You can see the before picture below of the room when we bought the house.

We have been so busy updating and making this new house feel like our own. From the kitchen, bathrooms, and basement we have been putting our touch everywhere. I had just finished my sons Star Wars theme room in our previous home. He loves it so I didn’t need to change much about the decor. However, he did get new curtains, a rod, and this awesome Fanimantion Hugh Ceiling Fan from Filament Lighting. The builder basic dome light was not a good fit for the overall aesthetic. We have been ridding this house of dome lights since the day we moved in. I am happy to announce only one more dome light remains. It is in our closet and it will not be there for long. 🙂

As I have said so many times in the past, lighting is a huge part of the design for a room. It can add so much character and style to a space. Choosing the right lighting can transform a room from boring to wow. I chose Filament Lighting for my son’s fan because of their quality and eye for design. Filament’s expertise in the lighting design industry is unmatched. They offer such an amazing variety of lighting pieces for any space. Filament also has a price match guarantee and free shipping. I wished I live closer to Minnesota to see their amazing showroom in Edina. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the showroom either, you can find everything you need on their website. Also, Filament has a super fun blog that has so many good tips and trends for lighting to make your selection easier.

I really wanted a hugger fan for my son. We only have eight-foot ceilings on our upstairs level. Finding a fan that didn’t have a down rod was very important. I also wanted a ceiling fan that was modern but didn’t look like it came off a spaceship. 🙂 That is hard to find these days. Of course, Filament didn’t disappoint and I found this Hugh fan that fit my design perfectly.

I know people can get apprehensive about a three blade fan. To be honest, I was a little anxious to see how much air it put out as well. Don’t hesitate, friends, this fan is fantastic. I am blown away (literally 🙂 ) by how great the air circulation is on the Hugh. The three blades give it that modern edge while not sacrificing any functionality.

Let’s talk about color. This fan comes in a few options but I went with the dark bronze. It is the perfect dark masculine color. It fits the theme of this room and is just what I was hoping for. The LED light is great for this room and I love the wall control switch. I can adjust the fan speed and the light is dimmable from this panel. How sleek is this whole set up?

I am so happy to have found this Hugh hugger fan from Filament. There were so many other good options they had to offer as well. The selection and quality that Filament creates for their clients are top-notch. My son is loving his cool new fan. One more room is complete in this house thanks to Filament Lighting.