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Mamas Tired…And Shopping

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

Wow! Newborns. They are these amazing tiny bundles of a joyous miracle. They smell like heaven, sleep like angels, and depend on you full time. New borns are a slice of perfection in this crazy world. All that being said, they are a lot of exhausting work.

I am someone who thoroughly enjoys their sleep. Mr. Whitelane calls me a grandma because I could easily be in bed by 9 p.m. (or sooner) every night. I like to get a full 8 hours (or more) of sleep each night. Well, mix a newborn (plus two other kids) into that. No more sleep people!

So, as I am up all hours of the night doing changes and feedings, I also browse for inspiration and deals. I am sure you are soooo tired of hearing about the Nordstrom sale. I have been inundated with everyone talking about it. However, everyone’s style is different. I thought I would share a few of my picks real quick. Everything is under $50 and great for mom life.

Apparently, I am into one style right now. The flowy bell sleeve or peplum top. These tops are great pieces to transition from summer into early fall. They come in multiple colors and they are still in stock. Nothing is worse than seeing all the cute picks people are sharing from the sale already sold out.

This top is great in black or fuschia. I personally can see the black being a great staple to dress up or down. The sleeves are a fun flare that is a big trend right now. I also fell in love with this same top in the blush color. I am a sucker for a soft pink. It is feminine, dainty, and soft.

Ok, but I know it is still deathly hot in most places. I usually just want something light and easy to wear with kids that won’t make me sweaty. That is where this peplum top comes into play. I found two that are both great price points and come in different colors as well. This BP peplum has a little longer sleeve and a distressed neckline. Very casual and comfy look. The other Chelsea28 top is more of a ruffle hem tee. It has a high low bottom. It is a cleaner look with solid material made from super soft jersey. Total mom life approved and cute.

All of these tops are so affordable and versatile for the busy mom or date night with the hubby. I will be sharing how they fit and the actual products on Insta stories this week (when my package arrives). Now go find some goodies before they are gone!


All photos are from Nordstrom.