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Beddy’s Beds Boy

The following post is sponsored by Beddy’s Beds and contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

Ok, I love my son’s room. The Star Wars theme is just what he wanted. Everything is perfect, except his bedding. He has a duvet with a duvet cover. That is the first problem. The duvet is constantly sliding down inside the duvet cover. It is very annoying to have to try and reach down the cover to pull the duvet back up to the top. My little boy really can’t do this on his own properly. That is only half our problem.

The next fun part of his bedding situation is the attachment he has to minky blankets. He just loves sleeping with a minky blanket (or two). Every night I have to tuck him in with a minky blanket on top of him and then cover him with the sheet and duvet. As you can imagine, in the morning the bedding is like a heaping, twisted pile of blankets. When he tries to make up his bed, he mostly just pulls up the duvet cover (because the actual duvet slides down somewhere in the cover). My little one then tries to find the top sheet (that is usually crunched all the way down to the bottom of the bed) due to the minky blanket. By the time he is done (bless his heart) it looks like there is still a lumpy body in his bed. 🙂 You can get an idea from these before pictures.


This is where Beddy’s Beds comes to the rescue. It is a bedding set with the comforter, fitted sheet, and minky blanket (or all cotton options) all in one. The whole thing goes on like a fitted sheet and ZIPS up. SAY WHAT!?? Yes, it zips up like a sleeping bag on the sides to make your kid’s life easier in the morning. This is a game changer people. Not only will it look nice and neat but it is the kid-friendliest bedding you will ever find. My little boy can now make up his own bed and it actually looks nice. Not like a lumpy pile of blankets. The simplicity of this bedding set is EXACTLY what he and I both needed.


Ok, I know what you’re going to ask. Is it worth the money? Yes! A thousand times over. My little boy has been sleeping in his new bedding all week and just loves everything about it. He thinks it is too cool that it zips up and has the soft minky inside. My sweet little boy can also actually make up his bed successfully. I have friends that have Beddy’s and they have washed them over and over with the bedding still looking fabulous. They are a great high-quality fabric that will last for years to come. The best part is that Beddy’s saves us so much time in the morning.

They also make blankets like this cute Check Mate one on the end of his bed. These are so big, soft, and easy to grab. My little boy loves the minky on this blanket. We are always grabbing blankets to cuddle up around the house. This is just perfect because he can grab this right off the end of his bed without messing up his bedding. It is really is our go-to blanket now!

Did I mention how absolutely adorable the bedding is too? We ended up choosing this Game On set that fits seamlessly into his bedroom theme. Beddy’s also has so many other classic and trendy styles. I am already eyeing another cute Beddy’s set for my little girl now. The simplicity of Beddy’s is just too good. I want one for every room now. 🙂 If only everything in home styling could look this cute and be so easy.