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Nursery Progress

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

I am in full nesting mode around here. I just want to get projects done and the house looking good. We have started to get ideas and things rolling in this baby girl nursery. I knew I wanted some kind of trim work on the wall. We actually had a Saturday that allowed us the time to get to Home Depot. We got the wood cut and off we went home to get started.

If you follow along on Instagram, then you know what happened to my cell phone. My phone decided to die without warning and I lost everything that was on it. I know it is partly my fault for not backing it up regularly. Trust me, I learned a hard lesson. I had some really cool before photos of the room on that phone. So, just imagine a boring wall with no trim. 🙂  I really wanted to do squares of board and batten. I found this picture by Melissa Sabra on Pinterest. However, when I started laying out all of our boards, it seemed too busy for the smaller sized room.

Mr. Whitelane and I decided to keep it simple and just install vertical planks. We used primed MDF board in 4″ width for our top header piece. All the vertical boards are 3.5″ primed MDF board that meet up to the existing baseboard. We measured out all of our wall before going to Home Depot. They did all these straight cuts for us free of charge. We did have to do some tweaking on a few vertical planks with our jigsaw when we got home. Ceilings are never perfectly level. Due to this, some of the vertical boards were too long. We just shaved some off with our jigsaw. I love our Ryobi Airstrike cordless nail gun. We were able to have the boards up in no time. They sat nailed up for a few days before I decided to get busy caulking and filling all the nail holes.

I like Alex Fast Dry Caulk for my projects. It goes on and drys in 20 to 30 minutes. Now the secret to the perfect caulk lines in this little tool. When Mr. Whitelane introduced me to this, it changed my DIY life. I caulked trim work in an entire basement with this tool. It sort of becomes therapeutic. This tool created perfect lines and makes the process so much quicker. After I applied the caulk, I then used Dry Dex Spackle to fill all the nail holes. After everything was dry, I came back to sand the nail hole spackling smooth. I used 220 grit sandpaper wrapped around a sanding block. It makes the sand paper easier to hold and gives more control. 

Now all that is left to do is paint. I said this was nursery progress, not a reveal. 🙂  Baby steps in this room for now. I hope to have it painted and more progress to share soon. I am currently stuck on the bedding fabrics too. So many shades of pink!