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Pancake Recipe Hack

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I can’t believe Halloween is over and its November! Where did the time go? Christmas is up everywhere and I may or may not have already started decorating. I just can’t help myself. I want all the Christmas for as long as I can. Today, I wanted to share one of our go-to breakfasts for holidays and every day. Its quick, easy, and the kids love it.

Our favorite pancake mix at our house is Krusteaz Buttermilk Pancake MixIt is so easy to have the mix on hand and just add water. Over the years we have perfected this pancake recipe. I should say Grandpa has perfected this. My husband’s dad is the master in the kitchen. He does everything so well and loves to cook. Mr. Whitelane definitely takes after him and is a dream in the kitchen. My husband can make a dinner out of nothing taste like a million bucks.

Our family secret to making this box mix taste like a homemade dream is…….sour cream or cottage cheese. I am telling you that these ingredients added to the mix create the fluffiest, softest, and melt in your mouth pancakes you will ever taste. It is kid approved and most people won’t even notice your little secret. Maybe a little more likely they will notice with the cottage cheese. The sour cream just blends right into the mix.

The trick is just to cut the water that the box/bag calls for in half. Instead of that other half of water, you are going to add the sour cream or cottage cheese. You will have equal parts water to the sour cream or cottage cheese. The consistency should be the same as it would normally look. Feel free to add less or more of each ingredient until you get the consistency you want.

Just bake them on the griddle following the normal package directions as usual and be amazed! It is such an easy little hack that makes the pancakes taste so much better. I like to top our pancakes with my favorite Mountain Berry Kodiak Syrup. Now go impress all your family with this simple breakfast hack and enjoy!


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Easy Dinner Recipe

So, I had that nasty glucose test a couple weeks ago. The one you have to take when your prego. It checks for gestational diabetes. I have never had a problem in my past pregnancies and I didn’t think much of the test. That is until I got the phone call. The dreaded phone call telling me my test came back one point over. ONE POINT! That meant I had to go back and take a three-hour glucose test. Not fun! I had to drink the nasty drink again, fast, and get blood drawn 4 times in three hours. Anyway, while waiting for the results of the three-hour test, I started preparing for the worst.

I found a bunch of recipes on Pinterest that were low carb and low sugar. I feel like I already tend to eat pretty healthy, most of the time. I also try to work out a few times a week. Despite that, some things are just genetic or can’t be avoided. I was determined to make this little set back a positive fun change. While searching for yummy recipes I came across this one. I decided to give it a try because it seemed easy and I love egg rolls! It is supposed to be like eating the inside of an egg roll. Because who needs that fried wrapper anyway? P.S. check out my cilantro sprouting in my little kitchen garden back there.

I made a few modifications to the recipe. I only added a 1/4 cup of the soy sauce that it called for. I think a half of a cup is too much for my taste. Also, I added sesame seeds to the top. I like the added crunch and festive look. My kids love steamed broccoli. They could eat it alone as a meal. I know, amazing! I had to through some steamed broccoli into this recipe as well. Mr. Whitelane was not the biggest fan of this egg roll bowl. I didn’t mind it for an easy low carb dinner. My little boy also really enjoyed it. You have to start somewhere. I have few other recipes I will be trying out. I will let you know if they are worth sharing. 🙂

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Easy Christmas Treat

Christmas is in a few days and maybe you still need something for your neighbors, coworkers, or friends. Don’t worry! This easy little treat will only take minutes to make. Everyone loves getting and giving Christmas goodies. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with everyone. Let’s be honest, there is always someone your forget. Then, you feel bad when they show up on your doorstep with some treat. That is why I always keep recipes like these Pretzel M&M Hugs around. 

Perfect for when you need to throw something together and get out the door. Maybe you just need an easy snack for a party or get together. Either way, these will not disappoint. I use this recipe for Cooking Classy. Jacklyn has some wonderful recipes. You will get lost for while trying to decide what else to make. Jacklyn from Cooking Classy has some major cooking skills. This is the Christmas edition of Pretzel M&M Hugs. However, you can make them year round by not using the holiday-themed candy. Your kids can even be your helpers to unwrap the candies. You really can’t mess this easy recipe up. Definitely my kind of cooking. Head over to Cooking Classy for all the details on these Pretzel M&M Hugs. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!


Image via Cooking Classy

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