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DIY Shiplap Tutorial

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

We just finished the shiplap in the upstairs hallway. Mr. Whitelane and I usually do our shiplap by having underlayment ripped into six-inch strips. We used this type of shiplap above our bathroom vanity. However, I am going to let you in on a big secret. Mr. Whitelane found an even easier and better looking DIY way to shiplap. I almost hesitate to share because I want to finish up a few more shiplap walls before all the stores sell out. 🙂

I am totally joking. I wouldn’t do that…well, maybe. We went to Home Depot to get boards for the upstairs hallway. Mr. Whitelane had gone to find a worker for help getting wood down. I get a phone call a few minutes later from him telling me to come look at what he found. Mr. Whitelane told me he found primed shiplap boards. I reluctantly said they were probably just the cedar tongue and groove boards and wouldn’t work. He convinced me to walk over and find him.

I was giddy with excitement to behold what he found. HOME DEPOT now carried primed MDF shiplap boards. NO WAY! There were 12 foot and 8-foot shiplap boards. HALLELUJAH! This was going to look so much better and match our entry shiplap at a fraction of the cost. The boards in our entry were customed ordered from a wood mill. Way to go Mr. Whitelane, way to go! I was thinking its about time Home Depot carried shiplap. It is all the rage these days.

We quickly snatched up all the shiplap boards they had left and hit up another local Home Depot for a few more. We got home and got started. Since the wall is open on each end in the hallway, we used 3.5″ MDF casing on each end. Otherwise, there would be all the ends of shiplap showing. It wouldn’t be a finished look. We put those end caps up first. Then we added the shiplap boards starting at the ceiling.

The ceiling is never level and there will be bigger gaps in certain areas. This is what caulk and paint are for. We continued putting up the boards down the wall until we reached an outlet. We then used our jigsaw to cut out around that area. I give Mr. Whitelane all the props for that tedious job. His measurements were spot on with the square cuts for the outlets. Did I mention, we used our Ryobi Airstrike cordless nail gun? We were able to do this project while our kids slept at night. Literally a few feet away from their bedrooms. It was so much quieter than a compressor nail gun!

After we got all the boards up, I used caulk and spackle to fill all the gaps and holes. It sat that way for a good two weeks. I really was not sure about painting this beast wall. I knew spraying the wall would be best. Also, it would be more expensive to have someone come spray it (my paint sprayer is not made for indoors). That is also on the account that I could even find a decent painter that is not crazy busy right now. After looking at the wall unpainted for weeks, I decided to just go for it.

I used a foam roller and very small art paint brush. I used the small brush to get in all the open grooves and then smoothed it over with the foam roller. I will be honest, the first coat was a long nightmare. I wanted to quit halfway through. It didn’t look very good and it was soooo time-consuming. I actually did quit for about a week. I then decided to give it a second coat. It started looking way better. In fact, the second coat went way faster and smoother. I even did a third coat of paint the same day in less than 30 minutes. Each coat got easier and quicker. It was not as smooth of a finish as spraying. However, it was DONE! I plan on hanging three large frames across the wall. I don’t think you will notice all the little imperfections of my paint job once they are hung.

Sadly, we haven’t got family pictures done in two years! WHAT? I know it’s crazy. I haven’t hung the frames because I am waiting until the new baby arrives, to get updated family pictures. I will be sure to share the finished wall, with frames, when that all happens. I just wanted to share my top secret source for the best DIY shiplap. Who knew, Home Depot?

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I feel like the last two weeks of school are chaos. Every single activity you can think of is jam-packed into the last two weeks of school. WHY!? I guess you have to go out with a bang, right? Well, we are surviving and school is almost out! Somehow, I think that is when the real chaos will begins. 🙂

Amongst all the programs, dances, competitions, soccer games, and performances, the nursery is almost done. I have the full reveal coming up July 10th. I know it is a little bit of a wait BUT it is for a good reason. I am teaming up with some other cute blogger moms to bring you a handful of nursery reveals. That is right, baby room mania for your viewing pleasure. Get ready for some of the cutest rooms you have ever seen!

While you wait for all the baby cuteness, you can check out the Joyful Summer Home Tour starting May 31st. Myself along with eight other bloggers are letting you inside our homes to see our summer style.  You don’t want to miss this!

In the meantime (like there is any left), Mr. Whitelane and I have been designing our yard (phase 1) and finishing up a few projects. We got the hallway shiplap finished and decided not to stop there. We kept going in our master bedroom. We got a whopping two boards up before the landscape planning took over. Who knows? Maybe I am starting a new trend. The barely started, unfinished, shiplap wall look. It’s going to be a thing….you just wait and see. 🙂   I will have a full tutorial up about both shiplap walls soon. I just have to finish our master bedroom first. I also have a secret about my new favorite place to buy shiplap. It is so affordable and looks amazing!

Hopefully your last weeks before summer are not as crazy town as ours. I am so ready for the summer to be here. Off to another end of school activity, I go….

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Faucet Change

The following post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure here.

I feel like we are in a rush to get as many projects done as we can before the baby comes. In my head, I am thinking that anything left undone will pretty much not ever get done. I know that is not true. It will probably get done at some point. It just will be a lot longer wait. It’s the nesting mode in me, I guess. We got a ton done over the past week. We worked a little each night on the wall in the upstairs hallway from my previous post. Mr. Whitlane and I were able to use our Ryobi Cordless Nail Gun while the kids were sleeping. I seriously love this nail gun. There are no cords or loud compressors. It is still a little loud when firing a nail but waaaayyyyy less noisy than a compressor nail gun. Our kids slept through nailing up the boards every night. Our three-year-old’s door was right by this hallway too!  By Saturday we had all the plans to get some other project done. I mean, we had finished the upstairs wall. So Instead, we got nothing done. You know when you have a million things to do, but decide to take a fun day instead? Mr. Whitelane and I were both tired by Saturday. We ended up taking the kids to this fun play center to skate, play arcade games, jump on bounce houses, and meet some princesses. Totally worth it!

So, this weekend I mean business. We have to get something done! Haha. A simple project on the list is to switch out faucets. I have been wanting to move our kitchen faucet to the laundry room sink. I haven’t been able to find what type of faucet I want for the kitchen. I finally, narrowed it down to two options. I really like this one because it is stainless steel and will flow with our farm sink seamlessly. It is a spring pull down faucet that has an industrial kitchen look. We had a similar one in our townhouse. I just loved the look and feel of this style. 

Then there is brass. We all know how much I love brass these days. My kitchen is sprinkled with brass accents. So, it is no surprise I fell in love with this brass faucet as well. Here is my dilemma with the brass faucet. I have a stainless steel farm sink. The large stainless apron can really clash with the brass faucet. If I didn’t have a stainless apron sink, or even if the farm sink was white, there would be no problem. In the picture below, you can see that the brass looks great with this traditional stainless bowl sink. Mixing metals is totally allowed in a room or house. My rule is usually two metals and no more than three. It just has to be mixed carefully so that it all meshes correctly. The brass faucet right in front of that huge stainless apron may be too much. The faucet is on the way and we will soon find out.

Which faucet do you love? I am leaning towards the brass IF it can mesh correctly with my sink. Otherwise, I will still love the Stainless spring pull down faucet. I already have the stainless Kohler faucet. It looks great and I am just waiting on the brass faucet to arrive to make my final decision. I am a visual person and I need to see them in the space on this decision. I can’t wait to show you the final choice on my Instagram next week!

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Hallway Trim Decisions

I have a big nice hallway at the top of stairs. Every time you walk up the stairs you see this nice long hallway or wall. It is just over 12 feet long and is begging for some sort of wall treatment. I mean, look at this big blank canvas. The possibilities are endless! I have narrowed down the options to just a few.

I love shiplap and I think it could look really cool here. Just picture some clean and crisp white shiplap with large black frames spaced across the wall. I found the image below, here. I think some black and white family photos inside a few large black frames will really pop against the shiplap. If we did shiplap, it would be the same as our entry shiplap. The planks are similar to tongue and groove and are about 7.5″ wide.

Then there is board and batten. Not just any board and batten, but square board and batten. I thought about evenly spaced squares across the wall like the first image below. I really want to hang large black frames across that wall as well. I am not sure if all the evenly spaced squares would look as good with frames over them. Then I came across the second image below. The longer spaced squares would fit a frame perfectly between each section. It is still a unique twist on your typical board and batten. Also, either of these board and batten options would be a lot easier to install than the shiplap.

The final option I am weighing is picture frame molding. I found the first image below here. I think large black frames would look great within the larger molding. This would still be relatively easier than shiplap. Truth be told, I have never installed picture frame molding. It could be a fun learning experience. I came across this idea in the second image below as well. I could add a fun wallpaper inside the picture frame molding. I am just worried I would get tired of the wallpaper over time. Picture frames make it easier to swap out pictures when an update is needed.

What do you think? I want to knock this project out before the baby comes (along with a few others). I need to make a decision quick. This will be a weekend warrior project (or a few weekends) with Mr. Whitelane. I am leaning towards the larger board and batten squares for ease of installation and time. However, Mr. Whitelane thinks we should do the shiplap like our entry. Decisions, decisions.

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Easy Framed Printables

I wanted to share a quick and easy decorating tip today. I am always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate and furnish a space. Home Goods, T.J. Maxx, and Target are all great. However, not leaving your home is even better. I love shopping online and finding free items.

One of the simple ways I have found to fill a wall, desk, or space is with framed printables. This can be quotes, art, or pictures. A lot of times you can find free printables that can be printed right off of your home printer. I needed something to fill my laundry room wall. I was able to find these cute prints from The Cottage Market. FREE! There are so many different options she has on her site for these (color, chalkboard, etc.) I already had some IKEA Ribba frames on hand. I was able to print these laundry signs immediately on my printer and put them in frames. It was just what this space needed and it didn’t cost me a dime.

I have also seen Jane, Groupon, and Pinterest have a lot of free and inexpensive options as well. I was able to get a cute saying for my desk on Groupon a few years ago. It was a digital download for only $2. I printed it on my home printer and stuck in another Ribba frame. It added just the right amount of pop to my desk for very little time and cost.

Now, I needed a large print for my bonus room living area. Something that could not be printed at home. I wanted a quote for above the couch that would be simple and clean. Etsy had a ton of options for digital downloads. I bought a 24×36 jpeg digital download quote for only $5. I then uploaded that download to Walgreens photo to be printed as poster size. I picked it up and stuck in a 24×36 white Ribba frame from IKEA. A framed picture/sign of this size would have cost a lot more anywhere else.

All of these printables have saved me a lot of money in the decorating budget. They also look great and fit into my decor seamlessly. Next time you need to fill a space, be sure to check for free or inexpensive printables first!

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Scout Cake

I just had to show a quick look at what we did for our Blue and Gold Scout Banquet. My little boy just entered into Cub Scouts and is having such a fun time. As part of the Blue and Gold Banquet, they are having a cake decorating contest. I quickly searched through Pinterest for some ideas to get us rolling. However, I have to give all the credit to Mr. Whitelane and our little guy. They took the idea I showed them to the next level.

They started with a simple chocolate cake mix from a box. The secret is to add a package of instant chocolate pudding, into the batter, to make the cake extra moist. They followed the directions according to the box except for that extra secret ingredient. When the cake came out, they wrapped it in foil and stuck it in the freezer overnight (makes it extra moist). The next day, they let the cake defrost and started decorating. The idea they saw here, gave the basis for their masterpiece. Don’t mind my poor quality photos. I didn’t plan on sharing this but it just turned out too cute! 

Mr. Whitelane and our little one got busy putting chocolate frosting across the top. Then they took white frosting to stick jumbo marshmallows around the outside layer of the cake. Next came the Fruit Roll-Ups for the campfire “flame.” It took some teamwork to hold the Fruit Roll-Ups in place, while the other stuck the pretzel rods in to hold up the “flame.”  This sweet little duo of guys in our house came up with the idea to use some extra pretzel rods for benches around the fire. They then sprinkled Reese’s Pieces around the fire (some crushed up). They also took mini marshmallows (roasted in a flame for an authentic look) and stuck them to toothpicks to place around the “fire.” Mr. Whitelane and our son could have stopped there. It looked great! But, they decided they needed to add some fishing with the campfire. Blue icing around the outside of the marshmallows served as the “water.” They tied a string to toothpicks (fishing poles) and placed Swedish fish in the “water.”

These guys of mine were the cutest team! I loved watching them make this together. Our son said he definitely thinks he will get first place (melt my heart!). Another fun scout cake idea goes down in the books. Hopefully, it will give you some ideas too!

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